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  1. Thanks for the correction, after I interviewed there I was under the impression it was an option just not normally utilized.
  2. Radford Carilion in Ranokoke, VA (formerly Jefferson College of Health Sciences) has a 3D table and gives the students the option to use it if they are uncomfortable with the cadavers.
  3. I believe that means the application is complete on your end, but there is not a final decision made yet which won't happen until after your interview
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase the following books. Papadakis et al Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (57th ed) 2017 Pfenninger's and Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care (3rd ed) 2010 Thaler The only EKG Book you'll ever Need (9th ed) Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  5. I'm also on the email list and haven't heard anything. I believe in the past it has been around March 30th so hopefully within the next week
  6. Hi everyone, I've been doing some research on the NHSC scholarship, but can't seem to find any information on what the stipend is, unlike the HSPS scholarship which lists the stipend amount. Do any current scholars under NHSC mind sharing what their stipend amount is. Additionally can anybody currently practicing in a NHSC site provide information on salary ranges a scholar should expect post graduation? Thanks!
  7. To everyone who has applied or gotten the scholarship, when it says "unconditionally accepted" does this include background check/drug test conditions? The program I am accepted to does not complete these until after the scholarship deadline.
  8. Following, does anybody know of any similar scholarships beside the VA one and military branches?
  9. I'm one of your fellow students. And I'm pretty local to the school if you have questions about the area feel free to PM me
  10. Hey everyone, If you haven't heard anything yet stay hopeful, they said it could be until the spring. However, I accepted a spot at a school closer to home for me so I will be calling tomorrow to forfeit my seat at WLU. Hopefully that helps one of y'all. Good luck!
  11. Just received an email following up from my 11/30 interview. Accepted! Can't wait to meet everyone.
  12. I attended the September 14th interview and was accepted that next Thursday, just haven't had time to get on here lately. I'm super excited to meet everyone attending WLU next year and good luck to everyone who hasn't heard back yet!
  13. I just accepted an interview for the 30th today! I'm in the morning one.
  14. Not sure it is correct, but I also put in an average since it did say "Average number of ours per week".
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