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  1. Do you mind sharing if you know how big the waitlist is or how many people in your class got off of the waitlist?
  2. Hey guys! Im looking for a female roommate to live with ? let me know if you're interested (also I have cat)
  3. Anyone get pulled off the waitlist yet?
  4. Waitlisted at 3 schools, accepted to one that starts in January and still waiting to hear back from my top choice (they said Id know if im either waitlisted or accepted) in December so its cutting it really close!
  5. Im interested! I was recently accepted and so far have not heard anything back regarding the FB page or housing or even possible roommates with the new incoming class
  6. is there a fb group for accepted students?
  7. Did anyone else notice that they require college level spanish?
  8. I have never related to someone so much during this process. I have had 6 interviews so far- rejected from one, waitlisted at 3 and still waiting to hear back from 2. It is really discouraging and hard to put on a confident smile during interviews when you feel like you're not good enough after not receiving any acceptances yet. I connect personally, smile, make great eye contact and had a great mock interview, but I feel like I'm still doing something wrong.
  9. They accept a class of 75 so I was really hoping I would be one of the lucky ones
  10. I recently interviewed at my top choice school 2 fridays ago (which was the first round of interviews), I thought the interview went by well- during my group interview I spoke up and collaborated well and made a great personal connection with my one-on-one interviewer. After the interview they told us it could take 3-4 weeks until decisions are made and I sent hand written thank you notes to both my individual interviewer and the admissions coordinator as well as a thank you email to the group interviewer. Last friday emails went out with acceptances and I received a "thank you for interviewing but we are still in the process of making final decisions" while others got acceptances. Can anyone shed some light on what they think that might mean? thank you
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