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  1. Congrats to those who have been accepted so far! For those waiting, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. I am a first year and will be helping out this Friday in the morning for interviews, and some of the November dates as well. Excited to meet some of you!
  2. Hello! I am not even sure I am the best person to answer, but I happened to come across this. I am starting next month at what is now officially Radford University. The merger went official just last week. There have been a few interesting things with starting school this year with the merger, for example, we received 2 financial aid award letters, one for each school (mine were almost the exact same). There are some things with going from a private school to now a public program. However, we have been told that tuition will NOT be changing for some number of years, which previously with Jefferson there was increases. All these details will be ironed out by next year. What is exciting, and something I was worried about, is that the affiliation with Carilion Medical Center is not changing, so all the established rotations and clinicals will not change, we will just be wearing different names on our lab coats. I am happy to chat more about this if anyone has more questions, otherwise I am sure they will covering any other differences when you interview/give opportunities to ask more questions about! Good luck, excited to see some of you on campus!
  3. Hi all! I was a second time applicant for EVMS, interviewed last year and did not get in, and received another invite for interviewing last night! I will be turning it down as I have already committed to another program! Best of luck to all waiting. Hang in there! Your time will come!
  4. I am not exactly sure I am giving you the correct date, but I got an email on 10/27 that my coursework was verified. Then I got an email from the school to make my account on 10/31. Hope that helps! They offered a spot in next week's interview instead after some people cancelled since I am close, so they should have openings for the January interview date still!
  5. I submitted very late in the game for personal reasons, received a call today for an invite for the January interview--- looking forward to meeting some of you then! Congrats to those who have already been accepted!
  6. Thanks so much for updating that!! I spoke to an Alum who told me this, so it's nice to hear they changed that!!
  7. We definitely will be evaluated from the moment we walk in to when we leave. For example, during our breaks between individual interviews, (I heard) we will be hanging out with current students, who will give their thoughts/opinions on us after the fact!
  8. Would either of you like to meet up before the afternoon session, or afterwards?! I currently live in Richmond and will be driving up that day!
  9. Just a few short hours ago, I received an invitation email!!!! Registered for Monday afternoon (anyone else have meet up plans that day?!?) It would appear that Friday and Saturday are now full, the only options are Monday morning or afternoon. So I think that means there are a few seats still open?! Best of luck y'all, look forward to meeting some of you! :)
  10. Hey guys! I have been following this forum for a while now, greatly appreciate all the input. I decided to join today, as I have refreshed the page 100 times to watch for news, awaiting invite emails! I love seeing the camaraderie here ? Also: S/O to lilchalk37 for the Happy Pride Month! #proud
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