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  1. RobertGreene

    HELP: CASPA GPA Calculation

    Hi first of all I really appreciate you that you have struggled to become a PA. CASPA think is to clearing house of applications to 93 % of PA schools that includes 145 out of 156 accredited PA programs.You can figure out GPA yourself, I highly recommended you this GPA Calculator..Hope that helped and you will find your Grade point average instantly.
  2. RobertGreene

    Personal Statement Review and Help

    Hi I'm Robert and I really satisfied with all the terms that you have been discussed about the relevant task. Kindly update more stunning facts, your demographics is quite appreciable, keep sharing with us thanks
  3. RobertGreene

    Pros and Cons of Cardiology

    Hi everyone..I highly appreciate all the health care departments, they all are being done a great job. Especially I satisfied with the health section of cardiology that this section phase saves many live..All the PA is highly appreciable keep working guys more and promote the humanity.
  4. RobertGreene

    Professional Organizations...

    There are a assumption with such intentions that you have been mentioned above.I also recommended you that you must gain the memberships of ATS by doing so you will be able to merge with all the magnificent stuff.
  5. RobertGreene

    buying medical equipment

    Hi this is Robert and I need ophthalmoscope, bulb for otoscope. I have the whole diagnostic medical kit but some of equipment are gone missing, So I need the that equipment which I mentioned in started.Thanks
  6. RobertGreene

    Looking for used equipment

    Hi this is Robert and I am also seeking for the exact equipment that you have been mentioned about the medical. I recently graduate in PA and wants to start my clinic profession as soon as I have these diagnostic equipment.My classmate have some equipment but I feel this useless but hope that will be useful for you,if you want to get you can leave a text message.Thanks
  7. RobertGreene

    Patient education

    There are a lots of handouts about the patient education. It seems that there are a lot of great list of patient handouts about a various FP suggestions,keep updating more about the relevant task.Thanks
  8. RobertGreene

    PAs who have done amazing things

    I have been always follow the PA forums,all the information that you provided is really sticky and even more fact based thing,keep updating more about such work that PA have been done with under the ultimate circumstances.Thanks
  9. RobertGreene

    Stats for PA school

    I have appeared in the GRE once and improved my stat with more reliable scores,this is all because in which PA school I want to admit that school follow the GRE score stat.Thanks

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