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  1. Hey guys! For all of you who will be interviewing in Charleston, one of the first years here has an airbnb available. Its a super cute basement apartment and you would have the chance to talk to him about his experience at UC! The link is down below! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/35765325?location=Charleston%2C%20WV%2C%20United%20States&source_impression_id=p3_1560866089_nZeJMBTILtff8A86&s=wS7juRDr Good luck to everyone interviewing and I look forward to meeting you all!
  2. Just got the call that I have been accepted!! I am so excited and looking for a roommate if anyone still hasn't found one!
  3. This is only my second interview ever but I enjoyed myself a lot! Everyone there was so kind and wonderful and MMI was not as bad as I thought!
  4. Yes! Submitted them a while ago but just haven’t heard anything from them since.
  5. I havent seen anyone post about wake this year so I started a thread! Has anyone heard back about an interview yet?
  6. Hey guys!! I just received an email that I will be interviewing in Charleston (date TBD) and I would love to meet anyone else that will be there the same day as me!! Maybe we can stay at an airbnb together if you are also out of state!
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