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  1. First, I only know specifics of one of the military options below. Specifics in eligibility for service as well as for each of these branches of the military change from year to year based on the needs of the military. That disclaimer out of the way, yes, the military can pay for your PA school. There are scholarship opportunities for that through the different services that would obligate you to a period of active duty service in return for time as a PA following your graduation. As far as I know from looking into them prior to school, they typically pay for tuition at a civilian PA p
  2. @LT_Oneal_PAC Thanks so much! I’ll give this a try and post if it works or not.
  3. Thanks, yes it’s associated with Yale, but what do you mean “Search SDN”? I sent the inquiry to the VA educational benefits department already and they said that I could use the post 9-11, but that it has to be initiated by the school. When I asked the school of medicine’s financial aid department, they said to ask the hospital department I work for. The hospital department says they don’t know and neither do the GME administrators. So I guess I am looking for an example from someone of who they approached first or who was their certifying official.
  4. Has anyone had success with using your Post 9-11 GI Bill during a residency for the monthly housing allowance? I am about to begin my residency and the administration has never dealt with this before. If anyone had success with this, would you mind sharing how you went about it? Thanks for reading!
  5. Worked 70-80 hours between 3-4 different jobs every week to support my wife and 2 infant kids while fulfilling my pre-reqs in school full time. Got into PA school with a decent science GPA above 3.5. Now, I am glad I had the hardship, because PA school was not so much of a shock when I started. Totally possible. You’ll never know how far you can go unless you test yourself.
  6. I took the same survey, I think a week or two ago. So their feelers are still out there. Seemed like they were planning a course much like Lynchburg, although meant to be taken over a longer 2-3 year period. Not sure why they would think anyone would want to pay for tuition longer who is considering dropping that coin on graduate tuition in the first place.
  7. I hope everyone’s family and friends are as helpful as mine. Spent 5 minutes texting and got 6 signatures with at least double that probably to come. If every PA, Pre-PA, or PA-S on this site did the same thing TODAY, we could reach that total easy. This is all I had to say: “Please consider signing this petition to push for the federal government to mandate emergency removal of administrative restrictions placed on PA’s, a large and vital portion of the healthcare workforce. PA’s today are encumbered by archaic laws that create a direct barrier to access to care for most Americ
  8. Hahaha. Well I bought the suit before I was told all my interviews would be virtual, but yes, I have 3 interviews that are all virtual now. I got the double whammy with the military banning travel too. Thanks Flyhi, good luck in yours also!
  9. So I have one interview coming up and obviously want to make a good impression. Did anyone who has interviewed wear a full suit and tie, or were things expected to be a bit more casual. Just for the background, this is a surgical residency. Hoping to hear the casual thing, because I’ve never owned a suit. I wore a borrowed sport coat for my one PA school interview and felt like I was the most formally dressed out of those interviewing that day, so I might have overdressed. I am willing to invest in one if it is an important part, but between airfare and a hotel, this interview has already gott
  10. I did realize how that would sound and I changed the wording before I sent the reply. I don't think anyone at this institution is actively picketing against the military, but I guess I was kinda angry when I wrote the above. That's why I changed a few things before I sent it, because nothing represents us all worse than angry, unthoughtful responses. I get that I would be missing some stuff to fulfill my military duties, but one weekend a month does not a residency break. I think plenty of these programs would or should be willing to add on a couple of weeks to the end in order to accommo
  11. Just to update on this topic and the exchange quoted in my original post: I did send the response almost word-for-word as above and received a quick reply with an apology and an invitation to apply regardless of military affiliation. The program director stated that he/she had no knowledge of the protections against military discrimination. This is probably the case many places where someone who is trained as a clinician or in some other skilled position and not in an HR or managerial role. The response seemed genuine and not really a CYA type of placation, but who will ever know for sure
  12. Definitely not looking for lawsuits. Don't need that in my life. Just wanted to put this out there in case it comes up for anyone else and for general awareness. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I am a reservist about to graduate PA school and have asked several residency/fellowship programs about their thoughts in regards to my military obligation and fulfilling the requirements for their programs. This has, up until now, always been met with an enthusiastic response something like, "We would certainly welcome a member of the military and be happy to work around those obligations." I am unsure if this is generally a response by people who are aware of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and attempting to sidestep any complaint, but would like to thi
  14. There are at least 8 NG in my class right now, however, I know their biggest hurdle was not just being selected, but securing funding from their state. At least one in my class now is from TN, but had to transfer to AL in order to be funded when he was selected. Each state has only a set number of seats per cycle from what I have been told, but there should be a POC you can get with to find out about your state if you visit the IPAP page on the HRC website. This is where ALL of the relevant, and true application information can be found or contacts with the best answers can be made. Other
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