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  1. There was no additional email, but I actually missed her call and she left a voicemail. So if you are worried about missing a potential call, just make sure that your voicemail box isn't full.
  2. Thank you! Radford received and verified my application and supplemental on 5/28.
  3. Just received a phone call for an interview! Scheduled for September 11 at 12:30pm virtually!
  4. Verified: 5/22 Received: 5/29 Under Review: 7/7 Supplemental: 7/7 (about 3 hours after the under review email)
  5. Received the supplemental application today as well! Fingers crossed that it’s true that it leads to an interview!
  6. For what it's worth, I have the same link to register for an interview on my personalized URL.
  7. I received an interview invite for Nov. 8th as well! Beyond excited!
  8. Wanted to get this thread started for the upcoming application process. Good luck to everyone applying!
  9. Agreed ^^^^ Honestly, just look at a couple of YouTube videos to get a feel for the type of questions that they will ask you. Overall it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It’s a chance to prove that you can handle tough situations well!
  10. Wanted to get this thread started early for everyone applying to MUSC this cycle! CASPA Submitted: 6/3/2018 CASPA Verified: 6/4/2018 Good luck everyone!
  11. CASPA Submitted: 6/5/18 CASPA Verified: 6/6/18 AACC Receipt of Application: 6/6/18 Now we wait..
  12. CASPA Submitted: 6/5/18 CASPA Verified: 6/6/18 Salus Receipt of Application: 6/6/18 Now starts the wait!
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