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  1. yes it is! I called any they stated that when they first go through apps they look to see if you've met GPA requirements and such (its just a brief skim to weed out those who don't qualify) and then they dig deeper and read into everything I believe by July!
  2. I'm looking for feedback on my personal statement. Any feedback and harsh criticism is welcome!!!! Here is it: Junior year preseason was approaching as fast as my previous two years of college had flown by. I spent all summer preparing myself to finally play on the soccer field as a starter, but what I didn’t expect was the whirlwind of events that led to the end of my collegiate athletic career in soccer and track. It all started with what the athletic trainers thought were muscle spasms due to overuse and possible dehydration from the hot and humid weather, but it turns it out wa
  3. Yes! I just finished my personal statement today. Waiting to get feedback as I feel it's not the best. I'm graduating in December! A semester later than my goal of graduating in 4 years, but we can't win them all haha
  4. Yep! It is something that I had during one of my hardest semesters of college and it wasn't diagnosed until 3 weeks before the semester ended! I'm afraid my GPA will keep me from getting an interview anywhere
  5. Have you applied to any schools yet and/or gotten any invites?
  6. Hello all! Are any of you by chance dual majors and/or a college athlete? Was just curious as I've seen most students or applicants are a single major ?
  7. What were your credentials? I don't have a great GPA but I was an athlete and am a dual major with a minor and am hoping that helps me a bit. I got sick with Lyme Disease so my GPA suffered and dropped from a 3.6 to a 3.2 after a 2.0 semester ?
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