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  1. There was one person at my interview who brought their spouse.
  2. I’m from Michigan, I was actually at an interview at Wayne State and I finished up and walked to my car and got into my car and checked my email and I had been accepted! I sat in my car for 20 mins crying and shaking cause I didn’t want to drive in that situation. I called my mom right away and my best friend that helped me prepare for the interview to tell them the news. Carol ?
  3. I will be declining because i got accepted to Duke so I hope my spot goes to someone deserving!
  4. I interviewed October 2nd, got waitlisted on October 11th, and got accepted October 18th. So i was waitlisted for exactly 1 week.
  5. I was waitlisted after my interview October 2nd and I pretty much lost hope that I would get accepted. I just recieved an email yesterday that I was accepted off the waitlist after a week so dont lose hope!
  6. Ill be declining my interview so I hope it goes to one of you guys, good luck everyone!
  7. I just realized August is considered fall, but i just wanted to make sure so thank you!
  8. when you guys put in the deposit, did you put summer1 2019 or summer 2?
  9. I just got accepted off of the waitlist!!!!!! I cannot believe this right now!!!
  10. I just checked and i got waitlisted as well ? atleast it isnt a denial, stay positive you guys!
  11. Did anyone send a thank you letter? I'm thrown off on what to do and who to send it to since it was a MMI interview and I had multiple people interview me.
  12. I just received an invite to interview on October 2nd!
  13. What are you guy putting as the end date for current work and volunteer experiences?
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