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  1. After submitting the supplement, how long did it take to get an interview?
  2. Has anyone received supplemental application? For any previous students, when do you approximately get supplementals/interview requests?
  3. Interested in applying to this program next year or so, can any of the current applicants tell me why youre interested in this program? What do you think differentiates it from others?
  4. I’m applying this cycle and I’ve been trying to find any shadowing opportunities in NYC but it’s difficult during this pandemic. If anyone has any leads please LMK. Thank you!
  5. Hi All! Quick Q about GRE scores: Some of the schools I am applying to do not require GRE scores. Is there a way to not include the GRE scores for those schools, but have it sent to the schools requesting GRE scores? Thanks!
  6. For those who got interviews, can you post your stats? Good luck!!
  7. Starting a thread for all the submissions, verifications, acceptances, interviews, etc. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Looking for shadowing opportunities in New York!
  9. Goodluck to everyone! For those who got the interview, can you share your stats?
  10. Does Dental Assisting count towards the Health Care Experience hours for PA schools?
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