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  1. Does anyone know if the class is already filled? Has anyone who submitted the supplemental in August/Sept heard back for interviews yet?
  2. has anyone received any interviews yet? How long after submitting the Supplemental Application should we expect to hear back?
  3. Has anyone who applied July/August heard back yet?
  4. Not sure what you chose yet, but Stony Brook PA program is stellar. Even though its online temporarily, I would go with Stony's PA program.
  5. Hi! Just wanted to start this. Has anyone applied as a transfer student into the professional year? Previous students: Can you tell us a bit about your experience with RIT PA program? I couldn't find much online.
  6. Hi- are you applying to the BS/MS program as a transfer student?
  7. Has anyone whos applied in August heard back for an interview?
  8. Hi all- Is there a supplemental application for this program?
  9. Just starting this thread-- Has anyone gotten an interview yet or acceptances?
  10. Hi all- Did you guys answer the Agreeable/positive aspects of responsibilities & Disagreeable/negative aspects of responsibilities section? How did you all answer this question?
  11. Hi all, I just noticed ppl are interviewing for the waitlist slots, did they say that their class is full?
  12. For those who got accepted can you share your stats?
  13. For those who moved onto the 3rd step and when was your application verified?
  14. Im having the same issue, can anyone help with where they found the supplemental app?
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