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  1. Hi everyone!! I'm Marlee and I'm so exited to meet all of you guys I moved to Birmingham about 4 months ago and am working as a rec therapist until school starts. Can't wait for August!
  2. I just got the call that I was accepted about an hour ago!!!!! Was super surprised they called so late, but it was the best phone call I've ever got! Good luck to everyone ?
  3. Wishing everyone who still has to interview good luck and crossing my fingers for all of us who interviewed today!! I enjoyed meeting all of you ?
  4. Does anyone know how many of people they are interviewing or what type of format/setting the interviews will be in? The invite email didn't give much info
  5. I'm originally from Mississippi, but I moved to bham in August. Let me know if you need help finding your way around!
  6. Invited for Nov. 2nd!!! Morning session. Cant wait !!!!!!!!
  7. Wow!! 35 seems pretty small. Does anyone know how many people were invited for interviews?
  8. I'm doing interview prep and I was advised to learn about laws that govern PAs and any that may be limiting to the profession. Does anyone have helpful info or resources I could check out about these topics specifically in Alabama and Tennessee (those are the states I'm interviewing in). Any and all help is appreciated!! Thanks ?
  9. Received an interview invitation today. Can't wait to meet everyone!!
  10. Received an invitation to interview this morning!! Everyone check your emails and good luck!!
  11. I haven't heard anything yet. There's a few different comments on the thread about when they'll be sending out invites for interviews. Does anyone have a for sure answer?
  12. I applied as well. I got an email that everything was received when I submitted a while back, but nothing since then. Please continue to post if anyone hears differently. Good luck everyone!!!
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