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  1. I created a FB group just now please just search MEDEX Spokane Class 24. Can’t wait to see your faces!
  2. I got the call too! I’m so happy! I’m screaming on top of my lungs right now!
  3. Didn’t hear anything yet. I usually don’t answer my phone, especially if I don’t recognize the number and I let it go into voicemail. But this week I’m gonna answer all of them! .
  4. Hi Team! Hope you can make it on Friday 10/18 7pm Mod Pizza 3104 E Palouse Hwy Spokane WA 99223 I’ll be there 6:30 pm to get us a table. They have a huge parking too! Lorelei
  5. Hi Team! Hope you can make it on Friday 10/18 Mod Pizza at 7pm Address: 3104 E Palouse Hwy Spokane, WA 99223 I’ll be there 6:30pm to get us a table. They have a huge parking too since there’s a target store nearby. Lorelei
  6. Please feel free to message me to ask questions or coordinate for Friday! loreleiwaynadc@gmail.com is my direct email.
  7. Hi DjH2020, I’m okay with that place. I live here in Spokane since 2012 and never been there so it’s try to cool new place. Is 7pm meeting time good to give people more time? I know someone in this group will be arriving after 7. is this the address? The ELK 1931 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA 99201
  8. I receive an email regarding an interview invite as well as a letter in the mail and include list of activities and so on. I emailed them to confirm my interview but I also called them to make sure. That’s all I got.
  9. ceg963, You had interview yesterday 26th and already got an acceptance call? Wow! That is awesome!!! Congratulations! I can’t wait for my interview in Spokane location. I’m so nervous but excited at the same time!
  10. Is your interview in Spokane? I created a forum 10/19/2019 Spokane Interview. Was hoping we all could meet day before interview.
  11. I recommend meeting in South Hill area. They have a Mod Pizza there with lots of parking and price is not expensive. Downtown area is crazy on a Friday with lots of traffic and no parking. Blaze Pizza is a good place too. But I’m open to suggestions too.
  12. I got an interview for 10/19/19 Spokane location. Anyone wants to meet day before interview like 10/18/19 Friday? I live in Spokane. Lorelei
  13. Hi there Lovejoyprice! I got an interview too for Spokane campus 10/19. Would like to meet before interview? Like Friday afternoon? I live in Spokane area.
  14. Hi! just wondering for getting an interview invite do you get a letter or an email? Thank you
  15. Doing the same thing but I try to check this forum every Friday only so it’s not too much. I’m very eager to know when they are going to do invite for interviews.
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