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  1. Hi everyone recent graduate of the East Falls/NJ program. If any one has questions, you can feel free to DM me, & I'll be happy to answer as best as I can!
  2. I also applied with a mid to low cGPA and sGPA with a little over 2000 hours PCE. Attended 6 interviews, 2 acceptances, 3 waitlists, and 1 rejection. I got a spot at one of my top choice programs, and am currently declining interviews. That being said, do not get discouraged! And an important piece of advice from my perspective, be honest during interviews about your journey, your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as pros/cons of the profession.
  3. Just want to give a little piece of encouragement. I didn't necessarily believe this 100% going through the process, but some of the best advice I was given before my interview was "believe." The admissions committees can definitely sense when you present yourself confidently. And find a mentor(s) who believes, supports, and encourages you. I can't give enough credit to how important this last part is. Apply strategically. Made it into one of my top choice program during my first cycle and you all can too.
  4. Hello, I will be interviewing at Rutgers in a couple weeks. And just wondering whether bringing a current photo is indeed mandatory?From what I've heard, and from past experience, school typically take a photo of all interviewees at some point during the interview date. Thanks so much!
  5. I also applied around mid-May and received my secondary application yesterday.
  6. Submitted 6/1, and haven't received a rejection yet! So still hopeful.
  7. I submitted mine about 2 weeks ago I believe
  8. Congrats!! ? I'll be flying in from California on the Saturday before, so definitely airbnb-ing near the university. What about yourself?? And do you, or does anyone know how the Uber situation is in Hartford?
  9. Thank you! I submitted my app. mid-may and was verified the same week. Stats are average (both GPA's, around 3.5, ~2500 hours PCE, and a few hundred volunteer in non-health related activities). I spent a lot of time writing my personal statement and essays from this school! Notified via email.
  10. Starting a new topic for this years applicants ?
  11. Hi everyone, thought I'd start a new thread going for this cycle's applicants! Currently have an interview scheduled for July 25th! Anyone else??
  12. Received an interview invite for the June 25th! ? Anyone else??
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