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  1. When will the program move to the new downtown campus? i just want to know if i should look at apartments near usf on fowler versus downtown for this coming year
  2. Could any current FIU student or grad help me with this. Are only selected students given the HWCOM Graduate Need Grant and HWCOM Scholarships or is it all students that have EFC of 0. If not, how do I qualify for the HWCOM Grant and Scholarships? What is the maximum amount of federal loan money given per semester to a student in this program if they have an EFC of 0? Also do you know if any of your classmates have been given grants or scholarships by FIU. And what is the total cost if attendence per semester if someone could please please screenshot their financial summary it would be really helpful.
  3. could current pace students discuss the cons of the program or any general advice regarding the program that they wish they knew before starting?
  4. Are you not submitting the Cornell app if you're retaking the GRE? Bc i read on their site that GRE scores posted after E-submission won't be looked at.. does that mean we can submit for other schools and just dont submit the cornell one?
  5. To everyone applying what are your guys GRE scores?
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