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  1. Anyone accepted get the facebook link as of yet?
  2. I received my acceptance call yesterday as well! I have already deposited elsewhere, so I will be declining. Wonderful school, so I hope this opens up a spot for someone else! good luck future PAs!
  3. Sure! Applied May 17th, verified May 20th I want to say!!
  4. Just received an interview invitation for October 22nd! Will anyone else be there?
  5. I applied at the end of May, verified May 31st.
  6. I got the supplemental emailed to me today!
  7. Hello all, First time posting in here! I just received an interview for Oct. 30th! Applied May 20th, Verified and supplemental submitted May 31st Good luck to all!
  8. I am not positive, that was the feeling I got after speaking with admissions yesterday. Never lose hope though!
  9. I haven’t heard anything, but I called the other day and, I got the impression that this last interview session will likely fill the class and they’ll start with the waitlist. Again not positive but that’s what he made it sound like. Still fingers crossed! Good luck to all!!
  10. Sure! I applied middle of May and was verified May 23rd I want to say!
  11. No, it was just an email saying “we are beginning to review your cohort..are you still interested?... please respond yes if you have not already accepted an offer elsewhere”
  12. Hey everyone! Did anyone else get an email asking to reply whether or not we are still interested? Since some applicants have already been interviewed and accepted at other programs.
  13. Congratulations!! So exciting! When were you guys verified ?
  14. Update, I called today just to get an idea since this cycle doesn’t seem to be aligned with past years. The girl I spoke to did not seem to know when we would be hearing. I asked if she would be able to find out and maybe give me a call back. Upon receiving a call back she only said they are still reviewing May applicants, and when I asked if we would be hearing soon if we applied in May, she did not know. Not sure if this helps any of you, but figured I would share.
  15. Hey! I received an email mid may right after I was verified stating that they do not have a rolling admission process and any interview invites will be sent out at the end of February, so I guess we have a ways to wait!
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