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  1. I just cancelled my August 5th interview due to getting into another program. Good luck everyone!
  2. I'm in-state-- I live 4 blocks from the school if anyone has questions about the area!
  3. Also registered for an interview Friday morning! Cumulative GPA: 3.8 Science gpa: 3.5 Last 40 credit gpa: 4.0 Shadowing: 100 hrs PCE: 6000 hrs Volunteer: ~800 hrs
  4. Just got the email to create an account with MWU
  5. I don't believe that admissions committees look at age as a major factor. That being said, I met with the director of a top program when I had just finished my undergraduate degree and he made a point to say that I was younger than the applicants they usually interview. I think programs want a well-rounded applicant, but that doesn't mean you can't be a well-rounded applicant at a young age!
  6. Hi guys! I'm not sure if I'm too late in the game but I just applied this week to the program!
  7. Hi guys! I'm also signed up for the 07/13 PM session. I'm local to the area if anyone does want to meet up at some point!
  8. Second round of interview emails were sent out at 11:51am EST. So excited ?
  9. I was really hoping the waiting would all be over today ?
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