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  1. I created a Facebook group for the incoming class! As acceptances continue to be sent out, message me your name & I'll add you to the group!
  2. I just got an acceptance this afternoon!! So so so excited to meet everyone & good luck to everyone that hasn’t heard back yet!
  3. I got an interview for the 26th as well! I am traveling from out of state, has anyone RSVP'd yet to know what time it starts and ends?
  4. I got an email 3 days ago saying that the class is not filled and my application is still in consideration (although I have yet to receive any invite to an interview), and apparently there are more interviews to come. I'm very confused. Did anyone receive anything similar to this?
  5. Just got an email saying I’ve been waitlisted. I’m still very hopeful, & good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back!
  6. They said at the interview that the latest we would all hear back was the first week of December so I assumed it would be this week but I’ve heard nothing.
  7. Does anyone know if there are more interviews planned for the future or did they already invite everyone? The last email I got was confirming they were reviewing applications in October..
  8. Submitted and confirmed 5/29 & still nothing!
  9. No rejection and no interview invite yet, the waiting game is no fun.. does anyone know how many rounds of interviews they have? Has anyone else not heard anything yet?
  10. I got my acceptance this morning! I was in the 8/29 at 10am! ?
  11. My interview is scheduled for 8/29! Good luck to everyone!!
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