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  1. fpnotebook.com is a free source that is used by some physicians I work with. It is compiled information as endorsed by the AAFP.. I think. I personally prefer uptodate, but that ain't free.
  2. I am a new PA having just started in primary care. I think more useful that pance prep would be really focusing on some core issues that you are definitely going to experience, likely your first day back. These include diabetes (alot of new meds and guidelines), HTN, obesity, osteoarthritis, low back pain, CHF, CKD (stages and common medications that are contraindicated if GFR below 60), CAD (there are several meds with proven mortality benefit), obesity... again. Also review guidelines for work up of thyroid nodules, lung nodules, adrenal incidentalomas etc. Review the basic lab work ups and
  3. Usually if it says "without cause" this means you are no longer "at will". You must give 90 days notice before leaving or you are in breach of contract. Look for any "liquidating damages" for breaching contract. Also, look for a "probationary period", if this is a recent contract you may still be in one, and leaving soon could release you from any non-compete clauses, etc.
  4. I dont understand the need to not "ruffle feathers". Physicians are not concerned about ruffling feathers... NP's certainly are not. I feel it is this very attitude that is resulting in us being pushed around and left behind. We need to stop worrying about offending people who dont care about offending us.
  5. What is this new resolution for these states? I am starting PA school in a month and spending a pretty penny on this education. I fear that if OTP fizzles out there just won't be a market for PAs in the future. That makes me a little nervous going into this.
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