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  1. Do any previous applicants know the essay questions? One of their reps told me it is the same questions every cycle; and that I should begin writing my essays now to be ready, once the cycle opens. She stated it was on their website, but I can't find them.
  2. To all of you above. Please report these actions to Arc-PA or nothing will every get done. It sounds like the program and its governing body is not taking these allegations/concerns seriously, so you must take it to the next step. ARC-PA will take you seriously, bring to them the facts that you are stating and help these future PAs out.
  3. That is correct, there is no legal obligation even if you accepted a spot in the program. They know that it is possible for you to unaccept until the first day of classes.
  4. At the same time, they are telling people... Lisa Kuhn was invited to speak at my University and told about 100 of our members, it is not a secret. Knowing that it is MMI is not going to giving anyone an advantage. What they mean by hurting yourself, is telling people what the individuals question was.
  5. it's public information, there is no harm in sharing. Just an FYI.
  6. IT is a multiple mini interview, there are six rooms. All these interviews are trying to do is gauge how well you can interact in a stressful situation.
  7. late to posting I was accepted on tuesday evening. My stats are posted on page three or somewhere like that. Excited to see who all from my interview got accepted!
  8. I think you do, with atleast a few schools. Schools like UTSW and UTMB and Hardin Simmons look at you as a whole applicant, not just grades. Your experience as a nurse should help you greatly.
  9. Thanks for the information Keledi, I made the decision to not reschedule, i'll be flying from florida the morning of the mixer into dallas. Whoop.
  10. For those of you that interviewed at UTSW, did anyone have to reschedule their inital interview date to a later date due to whatever reason? IF you did, did you get the impression it was counted against you in any way? Also, did anyone reschedule and also get accepted. I have a wedding that I am attending in Florida during the weekend of the first round of interviews and I would like to reschedule if its not going to be counted against me. Any thoughts on this matter is appreciated.
  11. received my interview offer on the 27th for the interview on 8/25 I may ask to reschedule though due to a wedding that I am attending that weekend (if it won't count against me) Stats GPA: 3.34 SGPA 3.30 last 60 credits 3.53 Volunteering: 890 hours PCE: at inital verified date was 860, most recent update I was at 1078 HCE: 610 hours Leadership: 330 hours Shadoing: 257 hours
  12. Here are the dates for interviews given by UTSW in case someone did not know: August 24/25 September 14/15 October 12/13 November 9/10 last years appllicants first found out on or around Aug. 10th If you want more info these dates are located on the programs page, under the FAQ section.
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