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  1. The SDPA puts out salary report that is very helpful. The most recent one is from 2017 and I think that it is a great resource for negotiation. I would check into it, message me privately if you have any questions on that. 15 months in and I get about 23% of my collections.
  2. Hey! I am currently working in Dermatology for the past 10 months and started as a new grad in south Texas. Me and my other friends who started in Derm as new grads all got paid based on yearly salary. Mine is 90K for the first year but will be solely based on productions next year. Based on my hours, my hourly rate is 55 and I see about 25 -30 patients a day. I hope that helps a little.
  3. Thanks for the input guys! I decided to turn down that offer. Currently negotiating on two different offers that are both 85 with a bonus structure with physicians that I really like. Both practice seems to offer a great training strategy for me to ease into Derm! I'll post the final contract offers once I get them.
  4. Hello everyone! I had recently posted about a derm offer, but I got another offer at a different practice/state and would love some thoughts on this one. Salary: 36 hour work week, Training salary for 4 months at a rate of 75K, and then 80K with bonus of 10% for collections exceeding 60K for a 3 month period that will be paid quarterly. Time off: 2 weeks PTO, 1 week of sick time, 2 days for CME and 2 personal days along with 7 paid holidays. Malpractice covered. 50% of tail coverage if I stay with practice for 2 years. CME: 1K Health insurance plan: 280/mo towards it
  5. Hello everyone! I am a new graduate who has a derm offer. I would appreciate any feedback that I could get from you guys. I’ll be doing general derm at first with transitioning into cosmetics. Hours: Mon-Fri, 40 hours a week. No on-call. Salary: Around 72 K (4K first 3 months of training, 6.6K for the next 9 months), negotiation at end of 1st year with discussions on % of my collections for the next year. Medical / Dental: half is paid by employer and I’d end up paying 150 a month with 1500 deductible. Eligible after 60 days. Time off: 10 vacation days, 5 s
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