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  1. I just offically withrdew my seat acceptance today since I have made the decision to attend another university. That means there's hope for whoever else is next off the waitlist!! Good luck to you all, we're on the road to PA-C!!
  2. For those who have interviewed, what was the day like? Is there any type of orientation, tour, or talking with current students. I haven't been offered an interview yet but from what I've gathered it sounds like you just check in, have your two interviews and leave. Not sure if it would be worth making the trip from Texas up there if we don't do much else to get a feel for the school in the interview process.
  3. I received a rejection yesterday No worries though, I've been offered several other interviews and been accepted by a couple of schools already. One of which has a better ranking than BCM. I said that to say, those who were rejected don't sweat it, you don't know what a school is looking for and why they think you did or did not fit their program this go round! There is hope so keep working hard
  4. Has anyone that has been accepted been able to access their UTSW email account? I was able to log into the student portal and reset all the passwords but when I try to get into the outlook email it says I have the wrong password.
  5. Got my rejection email (did not interview). Not upset at all though, as I’ve been accepted at two other great programs. Good luck to those in the running still! And to those getting discouraged, please don’t! You don’t know what schools are looking for and why they may deem you to not be a good fit for them this time. I’ve been rejected by low ranked and new/un-established programs, yet asked to interview and accepted at well known high ranked programs. So put your best foot forward and keep working towards your goal!! You will get there ?
  6. I had this same email over the summer and it took about a month or so for them to review them before I officially got my invite. If you’re concerned I would just email them back. I did that when I hadn’t heard from them after a while.
  7. I interviewed this day as well! I'm so excited to have gotten in as well!
  8. Just got my acceptance call!! I’m so excited!! Good luck to those still waiting ? Go Gators!
  9. Same! I’m slightly confused by this decision though. Like if you’re not gonna use it to make your decisions why require us to take it ?
  10. Just a Pre-PA who will be starting PA school next year, so I'm sure my voice has no place here... However, I think everything you do loses its spark after a while honestly. Whether it is a hobby, an organization, or a profession, the wonder and excitement eventually fade. I know plenty of docs who wish they were PAs and as evident by this post the reciprocal is true as well. Medicine definitely has its downsides. But, if you talk to folks in other professions, they will tell you the downsides of that as well. I hope that instead of warning people off of the PA profession that you all can encourage them highly research what they are getting into and make an informed decision based on what they want for themselves. I've been warned off of med school by doctors, nursing school by nurses, and PA school by PAs. There is always going to be something else you can do that makes more money and seems easier from an outside perspective. The grass is always greener!!!! At the end of the day, there is more to find joy in than your profession or money. At 23, I know that being a PA is what I want for myself. And I personally am a firm believer that if something makes you that miserable then you'll find a way to move, no matter where you are in life. But.... I know I'm young and have a lot to learn so what do I know ?! Just my two cents Signed, A highly enthusiastic and excited soon to be PA-C
  11. I honestly don't know my stats 100% but I can tell you generally what I have. cumulative GPA: about a 3.51 science GPA: I think was about a 3.4 postbacc Science: 4.0 GRE: If I recall my score was like a 301 healthcare/direct patient care experience: depending on what the school accepts as experience I have anywhere from about 1,200 hours to over 4,000 hours. PA Shadowing: about 25 hours in cardiology and neurosurgery. letters of rec: 1 from a regional volunteer coordinator I worked with for 4 years, 1 from a college professor, 2 PA letters of rec one in neurosurgery one in cardiology. I feel like I have pretty average stats but honestly my letters of rec are incredible and I have a pretty strong/unique personal statement. Hope that helps!
  12. Thank you! I got accepted to UTSW in Texas! I accepted the seat but I am still keeping my options open for other schools/interviews before I make my final decision on where I will go. After some thought I am actually considering seeing if Morehouse will still let me interview. After going to other interviews I can see the value and great opportunity it would be to get my education at an HBCU, and I don't want to take that chance for granted. Does anyone know if they got their accreditation at the last arc-pa meeting?
  13. Congrats to those receiving interviews! I just happened to go back and check out the website again. I did not realize how expensive this program is projected to be. The website says $110,465 ? total (and that's not out of state cost). I know they're planning on having some pretty amazing resources but geez that's expensive for a brand new un-established program!
  14. Update: I got accepted at another PA program and so I cancelled my interview with MSM. Hope that opens up the opportunity for someone else. Good luck everyone!
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