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  1. Sneakygiraffe

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    Has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist??
  2. Sneakygiraffe

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    Nope, hoping for an early Christmas present at this point
  3. Sneakygiraffe

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Unfortunately yes it lasts that long
  4. Sneakygiraffe

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Just got the email about 10 minutes ago myself. Thank you so much for replying though. I was getting worried that they weren’t saying anything back
  5. Sneakygiraffe

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Wow thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver!
  6. Sneakygiraffe

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Wow thank you! did it include anything about parking?
  7. Sneakygiraffe

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I received an interview invite yesterday afternoon for 11/12 which I accepted however they never replied with additional info. Can anyone graciously tell me where they had to report on the interview day? :)
  8. Sneakygiraffe

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    I did, it’s not anything bad compared to other schools. During the interview, the interviewer told me that they only pick like 5 or so people immediately from each interview group and then put everyyyyyoneee else into the wait list pool until the end and pick us from there. It DOES NOT mean that all spots have been filled. It’s actually quite opposite.
  9. Sneakygiraffe

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    Not yet, I have been by my phone ever since I heard that a few people got calls on Friday
  10. It’s very laid back and not what you would expect. I went in thinking it would be super formal and intimidating but it was not. as for how to prepare, there were a lot of abstract discussion based questions. Not just straight up “why do you want to be a PA”
  11. I interviewed on 9/21 and got an email stating that they are are currently in the process of making a final decision for those that have interviewed so far and it could take through December
  12. I did too! Nothing back yet either but they did say it could take like 3 weeks
  13. Yes, I used both the school code and pa department code
  14. Nope! I think it has to do with the fact you don’t send the scores under a caspa code for Barry. It’s like sent under a code for the entire school and then it has the pa program code

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