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  1. Does anyone know how long we have to accept/decline an interview offer?
  2. I received confirmation that my application was complete on May 23rd and haven’t heard anything since
  3. Did they start sending out secondaries yet? How much time is typically between secondaries and interviews?
  4. It might be different for each campus. The GA program has a $500 deposit that needs to be paid within 1 week and is applied to tuition.
  5. I got a follow-up email with the interview date on the same day
  6. At the information session, they said that they're switching computer systems and won't start looking at applications until September
  7. Could someone please post the link to the virtual open house dates/registration? I can't find it anymore. Thanks!!
  8. Have you heard anything yet? Or gotten the email about the fee? I haven't
  9. Let's get this thread started!
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