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  1. Rah sir! Save a spot for me. hopefully getting picked up for the HSCP scholarship and commissioned in a couple years
  2. DISCLOSURE: I was never a PA in the Navy. I was a prior HM2 for eight years - I worked with a bunch of Navy PAs new, old, and retired. I never saw one in a administrative only position. They were always working their asses off in the clinic. Just because you are on shore duty doesn't mean you wont get plucked for a deployment. The OIC of the aid station at the air field in Bahrain when I was deployed was plucked from shore duty for a year deployment. Hopefully you want to get deployed, thats why you're joining the military. Trust me, you'll want to deploy if you're put in family medicine.
  3. You will be given the link once you are accepted to the program
  4. There should be two package options: in state and out of state. This is what I have seen to be the case at other schools. Seems like the school has no idea what they are doing.
  5. I email today as well. I just completed a Castlebranch process with South University in Tampa. I was offered an interview and asked to complete the background/drug test at the same time. I paid $159 but it was my top pick so I didn't mind doing this. It took a couple of weeks to complete and be fully processed. The drug test was completed at a local labcorps (form provided after you submit payment), and I was fingerprinted at the police station (fingerprint card mailed to me and then required to mail back). I don't know the reason why for the price different from South to UT. I think its
  6. Forgive me if this is in the thread above but is there a facebook page for c/o 2021
  7. Thanks and congrats Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Do you know if your background check is complete? I interviewed in July as well but just now got the info to start my background check today. Seems like they forgot to send me the info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe by the end of the week?!
  10. I just saw on the VA website the start date for the program is August 2019!! They most have rolled back the date because they hadnt quite figured out the details of the program. It was suppose to be this August. It specifically said health care programs or similar programs qualified.
  11. Greeting, Prior HM2(AW), current 4NO (Medic) in the AF Reserves now. I only had one school that had an issue with using my med term credit from Corps School. University of Florida flat out said NO, military credits dont count even though it is accredited. I directly contacted the school and verified that it is acceptable or not and sent the SMART transcript. Most of the school I contacted said it was acceptable. Best thing to do is ask. Good Luck
  12. agreed. its situations that would be common in business settings or interacting with students or something to do with personal matters. I think since most PA schools require some type of medical experience, that lends itself to performing well on the test. Don't stress about it. Good Luck
  13. Got my acceptance letter today (not the dual program)!! Cant wait to start in January
  14. 1. For PA, since there is not a summer break you wont participate in the 45 days of AD (active duty). I don't know if this would work with your direct admit program though. They usually only give 2 year to PA students (36-48 for medical/dental students) 2. You will complete all the "test" prior to starting the program once you get selected by the committee or maybe while putting your package together. physical and drug test will be done at MEPS. The recruiter will give you a date to go to MEPS. 3. LIke I said earlier. I dont know how many months they will give you. It may only perta
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