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  1. Hi everyone! Just received an interview invite for 10/12, however, I will be declining it because I have accepted a seat elsewhere! I submitted my CASPA on 05/17 just in case anyone was wondering. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi everyone!! Got the call from a professor Coleman at approximately 545pm on Tuesday!! So excited!!
  3. Hi everyone! Just received an invite for 09/05, and I'm super excited! I submitted my application on 06/04.
  4. Hi! Just curious to see if anyone else that was verified in May has received an interview? I know some of the recent posts with interview invites were verified in June & July, and I think I only saw like one other person who said they were verified in May. Thank you!
  5. Just received my under review email! caspa submitted: 05/17 caspa verified: 05/18 supplemental app submitted on 05/24 mystar information received on 06/13
  6. Received an interview invite for 08/25!! Submitted my app on 05/17! Verified 05/18!
  7. Just received a phone call to interview on August 28th! So excited! I submitted my application on 05/17, South Tampa sent me an email confirming my application of 05/22, CASPer test request on 06/6, and took my CASPer test on 06/21 ?
  8. Hi everyone! Just received an interview invite for 9/15. I will be attending the afternoon session. I’m so excited! CASPA submitted: 05/17 CASPA verified: 05/18
  9. Omg wow you just saved me! I didn't know of this separate supplemental! Thank you so much!
  10. It says to allow 24 hours after completion before your checklist is updated! ?
  11. Yes, Merlin application (I think)! Once I completed it, I was sent an email thanking me for completing the supplemental application. I also did get this email today stating that they’ve received my CASPA app & have completed the preliminary evaluation of required prerequisite courses necessary for admission, and that I’ve completed all the application requirements! Maybe this was the email the original poster was asking about!
  12. Hi! Did you already fill out and complete your supplemental? My application wasn't complete until I did all of that! For the supplemental app, make sure you go through all of the modules! After completing your supplemental, you should receive a confirmation email that your application is now complete.
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