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  1. Has anyone received the formal acceptance letter yet or know any more information about it? Is it a physical letter or an emailed admission package? Absolutely don't want to let that one get lost in the mail!
  2. I’m 95% sure that’s the acceptance call, congrats! I got the voicemail earlier and called back to get the acceptance offer just a few min later ? definitely was amazing to hear.
  3. Yup, I emailed them recently about an updated letter of rec and they said their admissions board (group?) is meeting this week.
  4. I couldn’t say the exact number of spots left, but I was waitlisted a week or so after the interview and got an acceptance call last week. Maybe they accept some number of student per interview session and a spot opened for me? I imagine they wouldn’t fill all spots before interviews are done.
  5. I was waitlisted also, but I think I heard that they only waitlist twice the number of students that they expect to admit.
  6. Sure thing, they’re far from exceptional. sGPA - 3.3ish, I think cGPA - 3.56 PCE - ~ 800 hrs (hospital PCT) when I sent the application, but always gaining more. Volunteering - 40 hrs with hospice care GRE - 162 quant, 166 verb and 4.0 writing Shadowing - 40 hrs IR MD, 30 hrs Ortho PA, 20 hrs cardiology PA, 10 hrs derm MD Under on some of their averages, so I’m plesantly surprised to get an interview!
  7. I just got an email today, too ? Definitely excited for the chance to interview
  8. I think they only ask you to do the CASPer if they ask you to come in for an interview, and that goes along with the background check.
  9. If I read their site correctly, they are only just starting to process our applications, right?
  10. What caused the 10 month delay in getting your current position? Lack of available jobs in your desired area?
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