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  1. My road to PA school was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster. After so much doubt and insecurity with thinking my GPA wasn't "good enough", or I didn't have "enough" patient care hours of the right quality, it is amazing and humbling to think that I actually made it to where I am today. I'm sharing my stats here not to brag, but to show you that it is all worth it. While looking at this forum provides useful insight as to what a "typical" PA student accomplished in undergrad, do NOT fall into the trap of comparing yourself. I definitely can say that was one of the things that barred my self esteem during the application process. So, to whoever is reading this, just know that whatever GPA, hours, or GRE scores you may have, IT IS NOT EVERYTHING! Please know that! So please don't give up and believe in yourself - you are amazing just the way you are and the right program will love you for that. Undergrad: Purdue University Major: Health Sciences Pre-Professional (Concentration in Pre-PA) Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.47 Math & Science GPA: 3.33 Age at Application Time: 22 GRE: 312.5 (V 153, Q 156, W 3.5) Note: I made a baaaddd formatting error on my writing portion and literally thought I wasn't going to get into PA school because of it... lol. I took the GRE once. Healthcare Experience: ~2,300 hours as an ER, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Scribe & Scribe Trainer Patient Care Experience: ~350 hours as a Patient Care Technician on a Pre-/Post- Surgical Floor Volunteering: ~300 hours from 5 domestic/international non-medical mission trips; ~20 from a Riley Hospital position; other various community work Shadowing: 21 hours (with a CV Surgery PA, Internal Medicine PA, and Sports Medicine PA) Letters of Recommendation (4): Anatomy Professor, 2 ER PAs I worked closely with as a scribe, 1 Hospitalist I worked closely with as a scribe. Schools Applied (11) University of Evansville, Indiana University, Saint Louis University, Rush University, Rosalind Franklin University, University of Dayton, Ohio University, University of Toledo, Grand Valley State University, Eastern Michigan University, Augsburg University Application Submitted: Mid-July 2018 Interviews (5): University of Evansville, Ohio University, Saint Louis University, University of Toledo, University of Dayton, (& waitlisted for Rush University and Grand Valley State University) Accepted/Chosen School: University of Evansville (first one to hear back from & first one I accepted!) Started in January 2019 and couldn't be happier! Again, your statistics are just a small glimpse of who you are as an applicant! Let me know if you have questions
  2. It did not, sorry! Thank you! I promise everything will work out!!!
  3. After 5 long weeks of not hearing anything, I was accepted off the waitlist today! So everyone, don't lose hope!!! ?
  4. Hey all, Does anyone know for sure if this program works on a rolling admissions basis or not? I can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere. ? Thanks!
  5. Ha thats crazy! But so reassuring to hear. What program are you in ?
  6. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if this program; 1. Works on a rolling admissions basis 2. Requires shadowing hours Any help would be appreciated, thanks! ?
  7. Thank you so much for the advice!! Does anyone else want to add anything?
  8. Hey everyone, I am turning to this page because I need genuine advice. I just received my official GRE scores, and here they are: V 153 (61%) Q 156 (62%) AW 3.5 (42%) Total: 312.5 As you can see, I scored pretty well in V and Q, but not as well in AW. I unfortunately made a noticeable formatting error in my 1st AW essay which I believe led me to this score. I took a GRE prep course and studied very hard for this, so if you can only imagine how frustrated I am. So my question is, do I retake it? I am getting close to my goal of when I wanted to have it submitted and I'm just not sure. The earliest I could take it would be July 3rd, which would kind of get me pushed back in my rolling admissions schools. I wouldn't necessarily mind taking it again, I am just concerned that it would hurt my chances. There are a couple schools I've seen that have 4.0 as the average and/or see an average of 50% in all sections, then I have also seen that anything over a 310 is competitive... What do you guys think? Does anyone have a similar experience? Pls help. ?
  9. Hi everyone, I see that the deadline for this program is November 1st, but does anyone know if admissions run on a rolling basis? Thanks!
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