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  1. It did not, sorry! Thank you! I promise everything will work out!!!
  2. After 5 long weeks of not hearing anything, I was accepted off the waitlist today! So everyone, don't lose hope!!! ?
  3. Hey all, Does anyone know for sure if this program works on a rolling admissions basis or not? I can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere. ? Thanks!
  4. pa314

    AW < 4.0... next step?

    Ha thats crazy! But so reassuring to hear. What program are you in ?
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if this program; 1. Works on a rolling admissions basis 2. Requires shadowing hours Any help would be appreciated, thanks! ?
  6. pa314

    AW < 4.0... next step?

    Thank you so much for the advice!! Does anyone else want to add anything?
  7. Hey everyone, I am turning to this page because I need genuine advice. I just received my official GRE scores, and here they are: V 153 (61%) Q 156 (62%) AW 3.5 (42%) Total: 312.5 As you can see, I scored pretty well in V and Q, but not as well in AW. I unfortunately made a noticeable formatting error in my 1st AW essay which I believe led me to this score. I took a GRE prep course and studied very hard for this, so if you can only imagine how frustrated I am. So my question is, do I retake it? I am getting close to my goal of when I wanted to have it submitted and I'm just not sure. The earliest I could take it would be July 3rd, which would kind of get me pushed back in my rolling admissions schools. I wouldn't necessarily mind taking it again, I am just concerned that it would hurt my chances. There are a couple schools I've seen that have 4.0 as the average and/or see an average of 50% in all sections, then I have also seen that anything over a 310 is competitive... What do you guys think? Does anyone have a similar experience? Pls help. ?
  8. pa314

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Thank you very much!
  9. pa314

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Hi everyone, I see that the deadline for this program is November 1st, but does anyone know if admissions run on a rolling basis? Thanks!

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