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  1. Greeting fellow travelers. Currently, I am Pre-Pa, Human Physiology. If there are any PAs on here working in Oregon, I am looking for shadowing opportunities in Oregon, specifically Lane County but I will travel if necessary. I am respectful of everyone's valuable time and easy going. Almost every PA I reach out to either can't won't take shadowing students or has prior commitments. Thank you-
  2. mooredc- I appreciate your response. Medical missions are my goal as well. I taught English in Brasil, living there for nearly 4 years and I enjoyed living in another culture and it inspired me to pursue becoming a PA. My Portuguese is ok, however, Spanish would seem more relevant to working in the states. The U of O offers exchange opportunities through their language dept. if possible I'd like to combine an immersion and medical/healthcare volunteer trip to a Spanish speaking nation..
  3. metroT thanks for your response. I have just begun my undergrad prerequisites, one semester completed 12cr. 4.0 GPA. Unfortunately, I have to transfer to another institution and I am in the process of packing and registering for the summer term. Doing my first 2 years at a CC to save money, then transferring to the U of O as a junior. I will take this: CH 360. Physiological Biochemistry. 4 Credits. For preprofessional health science students. Topics include protein structure and function, enzyme mechanisms, central metabolism and bioenergetics, integration
  4. Hello, fellow pre-PAs. I have chosen human physiology as my undergrad with a minor in Spanish. What do you think of this major in regards to applying for PA school? Is anyone here pursuing the same degree? My top program choice is the Oregon Health and Science University. My goal is to become an Orthopedic surgery PA. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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