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  1. Absolutely, GRE is my weak point no doubt but, hey I got an invite! cGPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.7 GRE: 297 and 4.5 60+ shadowing hours LOR: Two physicians, one manager from early in my career whose watched me grow my career, and one from my current manager. I've been a CT, MRI, XRay, Mammo tech for 14 years.
  2. Verified in MAY and just got an interview invite for this Friday at St. Pete campus!!! Whoop whoop. So stay positive everyone.
  3. Absolutely! They're interviewing all the way into February. If you have not recieved a 'no' there is always hope. I know it's so hard and stressful, try to stay positive!
  4. Class beginning in 2020 is coming together. So exciting, congratulations you two!
  5. Thank you so much, when I asked in July they said some would know early but most would know in December. I think after December would be for the spots turned down. Either way, I know it's so hard to wait, I was checking my email ALL the time and stressing so much! So I totally get it, every day is another day closer.
  6. I interviewed 7/30 and didn't hear back until September 27th. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think any more acceptances will be until December.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate that. It was through email and I believe most everyone will find out in December from what they told me at the interview, so don't lose hope by any means!
  8. After getting the initial email inviting me for an interview, June 11th, in which I accepted same day I recieved a follow up email June 13th. In that email was the 30 min window for the time for that day and information about the campus. As far as emailing back, it can't hurt to email ASAP, they'll respond as soon as they are available. Hope that helps!
  9. Yes I reached out to Desi and she said it's a mass email thing, so disregard if you've interviewed or waiting to interview.
  10. @marissajanel what do you think of the program? Are there any draw backs?
  11. Congrats to all 3 of you! It was a straightforward process, about 30 min with 2 interviewers.
  12. The radio silence is so nerve racking, I wonder if there have been any acceptances at this point?
  13. Wow you submitted pretty late to hear so quickly.. Awesome job! I wonder if they invite in submission order?
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