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  1. Yes I reached out to Desi and she said it's a mass email thing, so disregard if you've interviewed or waiting to interview.
  2. @marissajanel what do you think of the program? Are there any draw backs?
  3. Congrats to all 3 of you! It was a straightforward process, about 30 min with 2 interviewers.
  4. The radio silence is so nerve racking, I wonder if there have been any acceptances at this point?
  5. Wow you submitted pretty late to hear so quickly.. Awesome job! I wonder if they invite in submission order?
  6. Hey guys, congrats to the interview invitees so far. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me. I have attached the two emails I've recieved so far, is there another one I'm waiting for or does this mean I'm already with adcom?
  7. I haven't heard from St. Pete either, this seems to be common in years past. Miami typically heard first, anywhere from 2-4 wks, so lets stay hopeful!
  8. Same for me as well, no word. I did notice last year took about 1 month. So maybe that's the plan for this year? Either way, I'll post as soon as I hear anything!
  9. @kms135 did they say how long until you know something after the interview?
  10. @emelyo thanks for clarifying, I thought they were one of the few who didn't have rolling admissions.
  11. @rach6195 So they do rolling admissions? I was wondering myself.
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