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  1. Haha I used to work in the plasma industry as a ops manager years ago. It was always weird to me that all the companies listed PAs for these jobs. The work was far below the scope of a PA. These jobs were almost always filled by LPNs and paramedics, and occasionally RNs in states where it was required. I think they never paid more than 20-25/hr at most, and usually in the 15-20/hr range. I remember I searched the company by license type once when I was bored. At the time, there was exactly 1 APP employed out of 10,000+ employees and he worked as an NP in corporate headquarters doing admin work. Exactly 0 of these "physician substitute" roles were filled by PAs. You would have to be extremely desperate to take this job as a PA.
  2. My undergrad degree was Interdisciplinary Studies and nobody asked me about it. I did it because it was the faster way to finish undergrad and apply to PA programs. Your GPA matters way more than the title of your undergrad degree or the school that it's from. When I was in interviews for PA programs, I would say what I studied and learned, rather than the title of my degree. I guess it's possible that some programs that chose not to interview me didn't like it, but I got enough interviews and acceptances that it didn't matter. What did help a lot was I took a lot of health science and biology courses beyond basic prereqs that were applicable to PA programs and got A's in them, so I already had advanced coursework in anatomy, physiology, pharm, patho, immunology, micro, etc.
  3. I got multiple acceptances and interviews (some from "big name" schools) last cycle on my first time applying with 8 F's, 6 D's, and an academic dismissal on my transcripts. My first semester of college GPA was a 0.something. Of course, I also had a ton of A's. Point is that the door never closes, it just becomes harder to go through. I definitely didn't take the easiest path and would do things very differently if I could. Do whatever it is that you need to do in order to protect your GPA going forward, even if that is working less or taking fewer credits. You will certainly have to retake BIO100 and Chem since both are prereqs, and you probably need a sufficient grade in them in order to advance to other higher level prereqs. I wouldn't bother retaking anything that isn't a prereq.
  4. There really aren't any that I am aware of. Anything that will pay decently will almost certainly cost you money for training and will take some time. Usually a 2 year community college program like surgical tech or rad tech, or a 4 year bachelor degree like RN and Respiratory Therapy. You might find some accelerated program for something, but you are almost certainly going to have to take a significant pay cut and have significant opportunity cost so make sure you factor that into your decision. I left the corporate world in 2015 to work low paying PCE jobs and am now a PA student with a light at the end of the tunnel so it worked out for me, but it sucked leaving a decent paycheck for a near poverty level one and no guarantee of admission.
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