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  1. I haven't heard anything, but I know the second round of finalists for doctors and dentists went out on the 12th (via sdn). Not sure if they send them all out at once or if PA's have a different day for the second round. Good luck!
  2. Wow, that is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing and congratulations, it's no wonder you're a finalist
  3. Do you mind sharing your stats?
  4. Hey all! Received my credit check yesterday and was alerted by my creditkarma account. Fingers crossed for everyone! Please post if anyone gets a finalist email
  5. @pahopeful46 Thank you for letting me know! I applied at the end of April and mine still says referred as well. Good luck!!!
  6. Congrats you two!! I think it’s common for them to pull off of the alternate list! When did you two submit? When you log into USAjobs does it show you’re an alternate? I never received the referred email so I’m hoping I’m not missing out on further news.
  7. @Janab I emailed Mr. Dixon earlier in the week and he told me my application was still being scored and that they’re hoping to have final decisions by mid July :)
  8. @campingchristina that is AWESOME!! So happy for you!
  9. @cpchazhikat better luck next time around! Had you emailed Mr. Dixon inquiring about it and that was his response or do they send that to everyone not awarded I wonder?
  10. @reticentt did you receive notification of placement on the alternate list via email? When did you submit your application?
  11. My program is $110k for the full 27 months and I already have debt from undergrad! Most of the schools I applied to were around $80k-$100k. My husband and I own our home and will be living frugally and I’ll still be $150k in debt without taking out extra loans to help us with living expenses. I worked full time as an anesthesia tech during my entire bachelors and still had to take out student loans. Everyone’s finances are different!
  12. @ECB1994 Someone posted that they select the majority of recipients mid to late May, but reading back to last year people still hadn’t heard a final decision well into June. Feels like the same kind of stressful/hopeful waiting game we played for interviews and acceptances into PA programs! Fingers crossed for everyone
  13. @PAtoB03 hi!! Congratulations! I would reach out to Meredith Beasley and have her add you to our email/class list (if she hasn’t already) so that the admins know you’re who requested access to the group. We haven’t had any news of a newly accepted classmate recently so whoever is controlling the page probably just doesn’t know
  14. @reticentt me too!! Definitely fingers crossed. Are you a first year PA student?
  15. Hey Cody, I'll message you some of the people's usernames I have been in contact with. When did you submit your completed application and are you a first year PA student or second year? Congratulations by the way!
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