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  1. @jgw97 from my understanding if your drug test/background check hasn’t been finalized then you are “conditionally” accepted. My drug test/background check has been completed for my accepted program but as I have to send a copy of my diploma after graduating I am “conditionally” accepted. You can always email Mr. Dixon for any clarifications.
  2. Just got accepted! Going to join the fb page and super excited to see you all in August!
  3. I think that numbers 1-5 have a really really good chance. 5-10 there’s a possibility but I feel like everyone has already accepted their seats yesterday so now it’ll just depend on who chooses a different program. I’m sure 10-20 have a chance too, I don’t know how far down programs usually have to pull on their waitlist. Definitely don’t give up hope! Anything could happen. I’m also just trying to be realistic lol
  4. No they gave me my actual number rank out of 157 waitlisted I’m in the first 10 ranking I just didn’t want to give exact # because it goes by CASPA ID and i’m trying to keep my info private! So happy for you though and I’ll reach out if they get to my number
  5. I was waitlisted. In the top ten, they let you know your rank. Good luck to everyone else!
  6. Who was your group leader? And my friend who accepted a seat at Barry said the same about them probably waiting to hear back from people! Fingers are definitely crossed and trying to keep the faith!
  7. Yes, I meant waitlisted but I guess in my mind if I’m waitlisted too far down it’s almost the same as a rejection. I am hoping so too Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!
  8. Interviewed 11/19. I wonder if they meant they would call with all the acceptances early in the week and that we would receive rejections or waitlists by 12/14 so that everyone knew their status. I haven’t heard anything
  9. @knguyen554 I knew it was too, but was praying I was wrong. First rejection so far so fingers crossed it's the first and only. Keep your head up too girl!
  10. Just received my rejection as well. First time applying, but sounds like they must be extremely competitive if @winter_trees has applied three years in a row. Good luck to everyone else!
  11. @zoltman don’t worry... I did the exact same thing. RIP us. My professional resume follows a similar pattern as the template so hopefully it’ll be fine
  12. Hey everyone! My dad lives in Denver and I'm thinking about submitting an application but it sounds like I might be way behind the rest of the applications if most of you submitted in May! Do you think it's still worth a shot submitting mine this week?
  13. Hey everyone!! First off, good luck to all! I’m a first time applicant and really hoping for at least an interview this go-round! Secondly, I just received an email that might answer some questions. You should get a confirmation email when your application is 100% ready to review. They don’t start reviewing them until August and interviews start in October. They do utilize rolling admissions. I saw some forum posts that people were pulled from the wait list and offered seats a couple weeks or a couple months before the August start. I was in such a hurry to submit my app everywhere and now the wait is torture. Please keep us updated if anyone gets interview offers next month!
  14. I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for another year of applying while still staying confident and optimistic about this cycle ? wow, that’s a lot!! That’ll definitely look good! Especially with already having a masters degree. You rock!
  15. @BeBe I’m an Anesthesia tech with 3+ years direct patient care experience so I was fortunate to have had a lot of access to PA friends letting me shadow. I did most of my official hours shadowing open heart surgeries and then orthopedic related on the floor and also in the ER. I think I did an official 40 hours? I might try to add more but between school and work it’s been hard to find the extra time. Congrats on wrapping up your app! It’s relieving being done until you get on this forum and hear how competitive a lot of the programs are for first time applicants. Hopefully we all rock our interviews and get into our top picks! How many shadowing hours did everyone else have? Did the GRE kick your butt?
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