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  1. Just got an email today that I didn’t receive an interview this year. Last year I was interviewed and waitlisted. In the interim I finished my outstanding prerequisite courses but it seems the field is even more competitive than last year, so I was not invited back. Just wanted to share in case anyone else was waiting to hear back either way! Best of luck to all of you!
  2. Hi there! For those who declined their seat, can you give me a little insight as to why you gave up your spot? I just want to make sure I'm as informed as possible and if there are any negatives to the program, I'd like to know! Thank you!
  3. Hi! Did they respond to you yet? Just curious about how that part of the process works!
  4. Does anyone know how it works for acceptance/re-application? Like if I don’t hear anything back from UNMC by the time CASPA opens, does that affect anything with my application for this cycle?
  5. Sorry I mistyped! Just edited my post—there was no campus specified!
  6. Interviewed 11/7, waitlisted on 12/14! Congrats to everyone waitlisted & accepted!! Does everyone accepted have the same deadline for acceptance? Also is the acceptance date the same time the seat deposit is due?
  7. Oh my gosh that’s so wild! I’m sick even just thinking about it! Fingers crossed for all of you still waiting! Hopefully tomorrow we know the status of the next stage of our lives!
  8. I know this is probably not what I should be asking but does anyone know how rejections are handled? Do they wait until the end of the month to send them out? At this point I’m trying to mentally prepare in case things don’t work out this cycle! Congratulations to everyone who was already accepted, you’re going to be joining an amazing program!!
  9. Literally have never checked my inbox so much!! Does anyone know if they’re going to email rejections, too? I just want to be prepared if the message I get in my inbox is not going to be a happy one, ha!
  10. Just got my rejection from here via email! Good luck to all this cycle!
  11. I haven’t heard anything either! Starting to get a little squirrelly though, haha!
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