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  1. I also received one today... Lucky enough to even be on the waitlist!
  2. https://m.facebook.com/groups/340945403364432 This is not the official Facebook group (I believe that one will be created by the current students) but it is one for now so we can all contact and get to know each other.
  3. I assume the students but I don't know for sure
  4. When I interviewed Monday the students said one would be created around January
  5. I also received a rejection email this morning... Kinda hard to process since this was one of my top choices
  6. I got my under review 8/8 and my invitation 9/13
  7. I accepted an invitation to interview October 1st in the morning!
  8. I know last year they got back the Wednesday/Thursday after the interview... I thought they also said it never really takes two weeks and they'd get back to us this week
  9. Has anyone from this past weekend heard back? I figured they would've gotten back to us by now..
  10. I just got an invite to interview on September 28th from 8am-1pm. Debating on whether or not I can make the interview work since I am finishing my last semester and working two jobs. I may ask for a later date and if I can't make it work I hope my spot goes to someone else who I know deserves it!
  11. On an interview I did in July I brought water and a portfolio and that was it, it was able to fit into my purse so
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