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  1. Hi Emily! I actually really had a hard time with the essay prompts! By the time I submitted, I had written about 3 different versions and wasn't happy with any of them. A couple of classmates of mine have been accepted to PA programs and I had them review and help me edit. I found it really helpful to have as many people read them as possible and edit based on suggestions they had. Even non-healthcare folks can have some really great feedback!
  2. Hi! Outside of it being a Zoom interview, I'm not sure of any other specific details.
  3. Of course! cGPA- 3.3 sGPA-3.1 GRE 169 & 150 HCE - roughly 10,000 hours as a dental assistant, managing the dental office at the local free clinic and as a board member for a non-profit that provides free healthcare in Peru annually.
  4. I submitted on Feb 8th and think my application was considered complete and entered review by the end of Feb. I'm scheduled to take the CASPer on May 14th
  5. I received an offer to interview today! Oh. My. Goodness!!! I don't even know what to do! Does anyone have any great interviewing tips? Resources?
  6. Hi all! I submitted Feb 8 and received notification today to complete the CASPer test. Has anyone else received a similar email?
  7. Hi! Who is applying for the 2019 cohort?
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