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  1. I am a Colorado native but have lived in Texas the last 6 years. There were multiple out of state applicants at the interview! Keep going and best of luck!
  2. I received a phone call for a seat this evening around 4:30 pm Colorado time! Super excited to meet everyone in the class and start the journey!
  3. @Fizzassist Hey! It is not bad at all. You got it! There is nothing you can really study it's just how you react in certain situations.
  4. YAY! I was verified by CASPA 5-4 and submitted supplemental application on 5-8. Have not received any other emails from them but still super early ?
  5. I saw it in CASPA as well. I would love to go there if they can get provisionally accredited! I did submit my CASPA to them,verified May 4th and submitted supplemental application same day. I also completed the CASPer test 5-15. We shall see!
  6. Hey all, Thought I would start the thread! I was verified by CASPA 5-4 and have yet to hear if they received my application yet. Has anyone else experienced this yet? I know it's super early still ?
  7. Has anyone heard back about the supplemental application yet? Submitted CASPA April 30th, verified May 4th
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