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  1. rtimmons


    So remind all of us who you were yesterday? Lots of faces and stories!!
  2. rtimmons

    South College-Nashville Class 2021

    Heck yeah! Glad I won’t be the only cowboys fan in the class!!
  3. rtimmons

    South College-Nashville Class 2021

    I’ll be relocating from New Bern, NC sometime in the summer. You?
  4. rtimmons


    Well, you never know. People get pulled from the waitlist all of the time. Hoping for the best for you!!
  5. rtimmons


    PArun2020, were you the one who sat up front who said you wanted to qualify for the Olympics in the Marathon? I only ask because of your forum name.
  6. rtimmons


    And to think, you were stressing a bit towards the end. Then again, I think we all were.
  7. rtimmons

    South College-Nashville Class 2021

    Hey everyone. My name is Rob. Just got accepted at the 1/11 interview. For everyone that was there yesterday, I was the bald, retired Marine. Very much looking forward to meeting the rest of you. Congratulations to you all!
  8. rtimmons


    I got accepted too. See y’all in a few months!
  9. rtimmons

    Elon 2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Same here. 4 apps, 2 interviews, 4 "Thanks but no thanks" emails Sent out another application last Friday. just gotta keep pushing. It's frustrating and maddening, but a lot of people who get accepted often do so on the second go around. Good luck with the rest of them.
  10. I second that notion. Hopefully we hear something by tomorrow then.
  11. Nothing here yet unfortunately.
  12. Oh yeah? I was there that day too!! Heartiest congratulations to you!! And now my anxiety is skyrocketing. It doesn't help I just started my shift in the ER lol
  13. I am sure it is. It may have come from Alex, but the sender was a donotreply so I am sure it was sent out to only those who interviewed obviously. Who knows? The more I/we speculate, the more anxious we will likely get.
  14. Yeah same here. Kudos to them for titling that email the way that they did.
  15. Unfortunately, I am off from work and class today so I have tried not to obsessively check, but I am failing in that aspect. I went through last year's forums and they did not get their offers of admission emails until around 5:30pm EST. So we could all be in for a long day.

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