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  1. Definitely more business casual. Tuesday you should wear your pants/skirt suit. I wore dress pants and a shirt with short heels for the first day.
  2. My stats were: cGPA= 3.52 bcpGPA=3.26 GRE= 304 writing=4.0 PCE= ~6000 (EEG/IONM technician) plus about 4200 healthcare hours (medical testing laboratory) Lots of different types of volunteer hours. Honestly, I think it was more my personal statements and healthcare experience that got me an interview here. Keep your chin up if you don't have stellar GPAs!
  3. I was offered an interview yesterday (6/19) morning. CASPA verified on June 1st, application received email June 1st, application complete (3-7 day email) email received June 4th. Good luck everybody!
  4. I will be interviewing on the 16th and 17th. I submitted my supplementary on June 1st, received confirmation from the school on June 4th that they received my supplementary, and was offered an interview on June 7th. Hope that is helpful! Good luck everyone and looking forward to meeting some of you.
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