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  1. Received an invitation on 9/28 last year so I'm assuming it'll be around the same time this year. They send out a mass email to sign up for an interview date on a website
  2. Seems like they spent so much time trying to expand to Fresno the last couple years that it affected the Oakland campus.
  3. Not OP, but I applied there last year. Their process is a little different. You receive an interview, then it's the secondary app. Everyone receives an interview invitation at the same time. So if you don't get an interview invitation, it's safe to assume you've been rejected. After your interview, a select few get invitations for a secondary app. It seemed like everyone who intervieweed received a secondary tho (at least the people I knew who applied). Then finally after secondaries they make the decision on acceptances and waitlists. I was surprised I got waitlisted after the interview and secondary app, but I'm not trippin. Their interview was honestly a joke to me tho. It was a group interview with 9 other applicants and 2 faculty members. Each interviewee gets a turn to answer 2 questions with a 90 second time limit and that's it. No way they were able to thoroughly know the interviewees. Felt like a waste of time.
  4. I think everyone who was either accepted or waitlisted got this general email. This doesn't mean you were accepted.
  5. I applied last year and was just browsing the thread from last year. Someone brought up the point that Samuel Merritt was recently placed on probationary accreditation. Not sure if this changes anyone's mind, but just wanted to let people who are applying know
  6. Wow. Would've been nice to get an update from them about these things. Especially since they said we would hear back from them in Juy, which the month is almost over I also noticed their PANCE rate dropped to 80% for the 2018 class. Looks like they have some problems they need to address
  7. Got an email yesterday that we won't receive waitlist updates til July
  8. I haven't. But I emailed Leslie and there has already been people accepted off the waitlist
  9. I think people accepted have until April to finally decide... hate how they get such a long time to decide
  10. Does the email mean that they've already started to accept people off the waitlist?
  11. It's probably safe to assume we're either wait-listed or rejected if we didn't get a call at this point huh?
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