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  1. Got an email yesterday that we won't receive waitlist updates til July
  2. I was placed on the alternate list and recently received an acceptance. There is 3 more months until orientation, so there is a good chance more people will withdraw their seat. For those accepted, is there a Facebook group page yet? Would like to link up for potential roommates
  3. I haven't. But I emailed Leslie and there has already been people accepted off the waitlist
  4. I think people accepted have until April to finally decide... hate how they get such a long time to decide
  5. Does the email mean that they've already started to accept people off the waitlist?
  6. It's probably safe to assume we're either wait-listed or rejected if we didn't get a call at this point huh?
  7. That does not sound correct. Based on the class profiles on their website, there's approximately 65PA students and 15 NP students per cohort.
  8. I think it's tomorrow. They sent out decisions on Fridays the past 3 years; except last year which was a Thursday
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