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  1. Hey, did they ever get back to you?
  2. Good to know. When did you submit your secondary?
  3. Has everyone already submitted? Taking me a lot longer than I expected.
  4. I'm really curious too. The lady said "we highly encourage you to copy and paste your CASPA."
  5. They ask about prior UC Davis affiliation in the secondary app. Does anyone know if there is an advantage if you're a UC Davis alumni and/or employee?
  6. We probably won't hear back until December
  7. Does anyone know when we will hear back for the secondary invitations?
  8. Battlexplorer09 Yes, the sign up option was on the CASPA application. If you check your completed application, it will show whether you signup up for it
  9. For those who received scholarships, how much did you guys get?
  10. Received this email around early August. I was verified by CASPA early June.
  11. Does anyone know how many interviews have been held so far?
  12. A staff member basically implied that there probably won't be any more interviews. There is a total of 4 interviews this month, and today is the third interview. If you didn't get an interview it's safe to assume that you probably won't get one. Sorry for the bad news
  13. Hmm... I never received that email. The last email I got was in June that said this: "Your application for MBKU'S School of PA Studies has been received. We are presently in the process of reviewing each applicants qualifications. Due to the high level of applications this cycle, we will not be able to interview every applicant. A review of each application will be made to determine which of the applicants will be invited to come for an interview. We anticipate that we will be back in touch with you by December 2018 to inform you of the results of this process. We appreciate your patience, and hope you can understand our desire to ensure that every applicant receives full consideration. Best Regards, Office of Admissions MBKU School of Physician Assistant Studies"
  14. Does anyone know how much the seat deposit is and when we have to pay the deposit?
  15. Thanks for that info! Do you know how if they are sticking to the 2-3 weeks to offer an acceptance?

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