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  1. Does the email mean that they've already started to accept people off the waitlist?
  2. It's probably safe to assume we're either wait-listed or rejected if we didn't get a call at this point huh?
  3. Acceptances started going out on a Wednesday last year, but no word on this thread yet. Wondering if offers were given out and people just aren't posting here.
  4. Does this mean people on the waitlist won't hear back until April as well?
  5. That does not sound correct. Based on the class profiles on their website, there's approximately 65PA students and 15 NP students per cohort.
  6. Did you get a phone call or was it via email?
  7. I think it's tomorrow. They sent out decisions on Fridays the past 3 years; except last year which was a Thursday
  8. Hey, did they ever get back to you?
  9. Good to know. When did you submit your secondary?
  10. Has everyone already submitted? Taking me a lot longer than I expected.
  11. I'm really curious too. The lady said "we highly encourage you to copy and paste your CASPA."
  12. They ask about prior UC Davis affiliation in the secondary app. Does anyone know if there is an advantage if you're a UC Davis alumni and/or employee?
  13. We probably won't hear back until December
  14. Does anyone know when we will hear back for the secondary invitations?
  15. Battlexplorer09 Yes, the sign up option was on the CASPA application. If you check your completed application, it will show whether you signup up for it

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