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  1. CWell1901

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2018-2019 Cycle

    I just realized that I never received a confirmation that the program received my secondary application back in late early July. Did you receive verification for just your CASPA application or for your secondary, also?
  2. Now I’m getting anxious for the next two days! Since this thread hasn’t been very active this year, I’m wondering if other people have already heard yet.
  3. I also received an interview for 9/24, but I will be declining due to an acceptance closer to where I am now. It is so weird to see people online (and the email) say FranU. I’m from Louisiana and it was always OLOL growing up! Haha
  4. Has anyone who had an interview heard anything back yet?
  5. CWell1901

    2018-2019 Cycle

    They will send an email with the official info as well as a letter. You have two weeks from the date on the letter to get your deposit postmarked in the mail. My letter was dated July 19th so I had until August 2nd to get it in the mail.
  6. CWell1901

    DeSales: 2018-2019

    Received a rejection today from the 7/25 interview. The program seems great, but they only have about 35 seats because they have about 45 incoming students from their 3+2 program.
  7. CWell1901

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Got the waitlist email on Sunday, but I’m probably going to call them and withdraw my app. I wasn’t surprised because the interviewer hardly asked me any questions.
  8. CWell1901

    2016-2017 Cycle

    Hi I was wondering if you could comment on the culture of learning at DeSales. My landlord is a PA and he says that the DeSales program is fantastic at preparing PAs, but they do so at the expense of collaboration. Meaning, it is very cutthroat and the students don't tend to be helpful to one another because it is so competitive. Have you found this to be the case? @heyitsthatguy! @umscheidj
  9. CWell1901

    2018-2019 Cycle

    It is just as easygoing as previous years have indicated. None of the questions should really be surprising. They tell you about the program, you have a one on one, and you get a tour. All very standard interview scheduling. They told us that a decision would be made within 2-3 weeks. From last year’s forum post, it looked like people got notified about a week later for some of the first interview dates. That is what happened with me.
  10. CWell1901


    I just withdrew my application from Murphy Deming so I hope that they are able to give the interview spot to one of you that still need one!
  11. CWell1901

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I received an email offering admission this morning! I am so thankful and can't believe that I have the opportunity to become a PA!
  12. I'm pretty positive they don't start interviews until October, mayyyyybe September.
  13. CWell1901

    USPHS Medical Guidelines Question!

    Were you ever able to get an answer for your question? I believe the USPHS uses the Navy standards for their physical and medical requirements. I have a condition that is likely an automatic disqualifier, but I am holding out hope that I might eventually be able to join. Considering it is autoimmune in nature, that probably isn't likely... @Cooperkyle the USPHS isn't military, but they are one of the 7 uniformed services of the United States. They are also able to be deployed to austere regions, so fitness is still very important.
  14. CWell1901

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Does anyone know if they ever interview the same candidate for both campuses? I applied to both and have an interview in DE, but I was just curious!
  15. CWell1901

    Lock Haven Or Seton Hall?

    What kind of changes is Salus working through? Did you ever decide on a school?

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