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  1. Hi! I submitted the end of June and received invite beginning of August. They didn’t have my GRE scores until the middle / end of July.
  2. Hello all! Out of curiosity does anyone have any idea what type of interview format they implement?
  3. Congratulations!! I understand from previous years that there is one interview date. Does anyone know if they send out invites all at once?
  4. Has anyone received any correspondence from the program? I know that their application deadline was yesterday.
  5. Hi! I’m not sure if there is an unknown waitlist however, when we were offered an interview they told us we had until august 1st to accept and make our selections.
  6. I emailed them back with the date as well as which session. I chose October 21st morning session.
  7. Hi guys. Just wanted to let you all know that interview invite emails are being sent out. Just received mine!
  8. Hi everyone! Was curious if anyone knew if Meharry was accepting application updates?
  9. Praying that every single one of us on here receives great news after the July 4th holiday!
  10. Oh wow, seems kind of late given that their anticipated start date for the inaugural class is January of next year.
  11. It states on their website one credit hour however, I would call to double check. Hate to ask this question, but has anyone heard of any more rejections ? Just trying to determine if they are still in the process of reviewing applications.
  12. Wow that’s unfortunate. Would they consider you for admission if you retook gen chem 1 & 2? Maybe something to consider.
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