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  1. Hi Gloria So I did some snooping and I think this is our Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/MUPAClass2022/?ref=share
  2. Ah okay great! I was freaking out for a second. Thank you for that information.
  3. Yes I completely agree! But when they send you the “congratulations your FAFSA was successfully submitted” email and it has your estimated loan amount - do you happen to know if that’s annually or per semester?
  4. Hi everyone! Quick question - I know it’s super early but has anyone had the chance to complete their fafsa as of yet?
  5. Hi ! So I got an email that my application was received on August 6th and they sent me an interview invite on September 24th.
  6. Just declined my interview invite as I have been accepted to another program. Hoping that my spot goes to one of you deserving souls. Best of luck to all of you still waiting to hear back!!
  7. Received an interview invite this morning for October 26th as well.
  8. I was just pulled off the waitlist however, respectfully declined as I’ve been accepted closer to home. Hope it goes to one of you all still waiting best of luck!
  9. Hi all! I was just accepted and she informed us at my interview on Friday that the new students are still getting adjusted so she was going to wait until October to let us know about our PA buddies
  10. Interviewed Friday and accepted ! So excited - this program seems amazing and the faculty and staff were all so friendly.
  11. Same. I submitted my application a little late unfortunately.
  12. Hi! Has anyone else been offered an invite to interview?
  13. Hi! I submitted the end of June and received invite beginning of August. They didn’t have my GRE scores until the middle / end of July.
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