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  1. Also received a letter in the mail informing me that I've been placed on the waitlist after interviewing! Glad to hear I am still in the running as this is my top choice program! Fingers crossed for all of us on the waitlist! Does anyone know if we can email admissions to see where we land on the waitlist? or??
  2. ME! I am in the same boat as you as I also interviewed back in August, and have heard nothing.. The wait is slowly killing me as well
  3. Nope! Have you? It’s scaring me because people have already been accepted, and I’m starting to lose hope...:( Have u heard anything?
  4. Omg congratulations!! So happy for you! When did you interview? And how late/around what time did they send u an email/call? Again congratulations!!
  5. Is it bad idea to email them about when we will be hearing from them about our applications post interview? The wait is killing me here..... or has anyone reached out? It’s my top choice school n I just wanna know so bad...
  6. Nope, I've heard nothing back, hoping this week will be the week we hear something... I'll be continuing to constantly check my email lol.... Anyone else hear anything after interviewing?
  7. Yes I agree! and Hopefully! Thank you so much! I hope you hear from them soon, best of luck!
  8. They send you a confirmation email with all the details, but to be specific, the interview was an hour long and we had two face to face interviews which didn't last too long, I feel like it wasn't enough time to get to know me enough personally. Best of luck to those with upcoming interviews!
  9. Thank you! and no I have not, hopefully soon tho.. Have you?
  10. How did the interview go for y'all? Everyone was soo welcoming, I actually felt comfortable! Hoping to hear from them soon!
  11. I applied and was verified June 14th. My GRE scores came in by the beginning of July so my application wasn't fully complete until then.
  12. I just got a virtual interview email invite from NGU PA Program for Thursday, August 27th!!! I am a first time applicant from MN with pretty average stats so Im pretty excited to get invited! Can anyone who already did an interview please let me know the format of questions they ask? Is it MMI or more traditional? The time they told me is 1-3:30 pm EST.
  13. Hey!! I also got an interview invite on Monday and submitted my form that same day, but still haven't gotten a confirmation email with my time, the 72 hours is almost up. Did you get your confirmation email from them?
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