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  1. Got the same email! Unfortunately it means more waiting, but at least we can all get through the end of the year without having to worry unnecessarily haha.
  2. I'll second all of this! The email for the interview simply comes out of the blue and during the interview they informed us that the acceptance is strictly offered through a phone call from an Illinois phone number. No matter what stage of the process you're in, remember that no news remains good news!
  3. I was also part of the 11/11 group, and similarly thought to check today in great anticipation haha, but I haven't heard anything yet!
  4. Hi! My name is Charles, currently an EMT and 2LT in the USAR. I was hoping to shadow here in Northern California in San Francisco or in the Bay Area. I'm a former employee at UCSF with HIPAA training/experience and would be more than happy to complete further training if needed. I'm completely open to an opportunity to shadow under any specialty. Thanks for your time!
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