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  1. That's my understanding of it. I had to do a fairly deep amount of digging myself to find that site after I came to the same conclusion about the closure of the listing on USAJobs. And I believe the window is now open throughout the FY. As for the veteran's requirement, I agree that it's peculiar its only for PA and I haven't been able to find the legislation specified or the reason for the change. Anyway, I hope that helps!
  2. Hi everyone! Just wanted to update that I was awarded a scholarship today. I started working on it back on 10/26/20 and submitted fully on 11/30. I wanted to check something after I got notified and happened upon this update at https://va-ams-info.intelliworxit.com/hpsp/ that I figured I would share: Apparently they're specifically only selecting veterans for PA for this FY. I didn't read anything at all about that back when I first looked into it so it might have been newly passed? FYI, I'm an active member of the Army Reserve. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to r
  3. I interviewed on 10/30 and asked Mr. Platt about decisions. I'm fairly certain he said that decisions would go out via email and I believe he meant for everyone. If anyone has heard anything else, don't hesitate to correct me!
  4. Same here! I've been good about not over-checking the forum until this past week..
  5. The last people to get accepted and post here said so on 9/30 from the 9/25 date... So those of us who interviewed last Friday could potentially hear back... later today. It's only a bit terrifying, but I wish everyone, whether you've interviewed or not, the best of luck!!
  6. Well said. Last cycle, I submitted my app right around this time and got my invite on 9/30. This time around, I submitted back in July and still haven't heard anything. Obviously it's impossible to pinpoint the differences but I hope that helps.
  7. I interpreted that as being a place to explain frequency similar to the PCE section and filled it out as such.
  8. Until you either get a rejection or find out that the school has offered all of it's available seats, no news is good news.
  9. I have an update for those of you out there who also had incorrect courses imported directly from CASPA into your supplemental. I reached out directly and was told that it's okay to delete and reassign the course into the correct category.
  10. I won't say it's out of the question! But the requirements are fairly similar to Emory and I got an invite there so I'm not quite sure! Thank you and good luck to all of you as well!
  11. Hello! I recently received an interview invite (For 10/30) and just wanted to put it out there in case it helps anyone. Application Complete: 8/13 Invite: 8/18 Good luck to everyone!!
  12. I'm currently an Army Reservist, but I haven't heard of it! I'll look into it!
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