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  1. I interviewed same date (nearly 3 weeks ago), haven’t heard anything yet but hopefully we will soon! Anyone else?
  2. Congrats! I was accepted as well, can’t wait to meet everyone. Excited, to say the least!
  3. I think they’re not explicitly rolling or not rolling, seems like they start interviews before the deadline but keep considering applicants through and beyond the deadline as though not rolling. Not 100% sure
  4. In all the excitement I completely forgot to figure out who you guys were at the interview! Best of luck and hoping it all went well for you! To any one else interviewing, having the whole day for multiple interviews and activities, I felt, took a little edge/anxiety off. They were very personable and made all of us feel at ease and comfortable being ourselves.
  5. Hmm, I’d guess they’re going to send the confirmation email a little closer to the interview date. I believe they really just lay out exactly where to go, to wear interview attire, and to bring the $75 application fee. But my guess is the email is coming a little closer to the interview date as a “reminder.”
  6. Hey! I got an invite and picked 10/18, are you interviewing as well?
  7. Awesome did you set up a date yet? I went with 10/23.
  8. Received an interview invite today with details of the specific date to come in the next two weeks. Anyone else get this email? Very excited!
  9. I received the email confirmation today as well. I was verified 8/21
  10. I submitted in August and received a confirmation e-mail from York on 9/9.
  11. Hello everyone, Submitted: 8/19 Verified: 8/21 Has anyone else applied lately?
  12. Hello all, maybe a little early, but thought I’d it start off!
  13. Hello all! Submitted: 8/19 Verified: 8/21 Confirmation from York: 9/9
  14. Didn’t see a post for Pleasantville applicants so thought I’d start it off! Has anyone heard from the program lately?
  15. only have around 12 credits left so probably can’t bring it up very much. Am also worried that I’ve been part time (usually 2 classes at a time) since i’m married and working to pay rent. Not sure how much they weigh how heavy your class load is per semester?
  16. Sorry for the delay! At this point I’ve taken bio 1/2, chem 1/2, ap 1/2, orgo, and biochem. That is true, have a bachelors in music
  17. Hey everyone, Just wondering what you think about the standing of someone in my situation. I’m hoping to apply in 2020 and at this point my cGPA is around 3.08. However my sGPA is 4.0 and pre req’s are generally around a 3.8 with only 2-3 left to go. My undergrad gpa (graduated 2007) was a 2.88 but with a degree in music I had no science/math except a “ principles of physics “ which i got an A in. I have about 1,400 hrs EMT at this point with around 1000 of research and 100 of volunteering in a hospital where I have direct contact with individual patients conversing while assessing their mental status and engaging in activities to orient them to self, time, and place. Basically Im wondering how much my improvement since returning to school (8 years after my less than stellar undergrad) can make up for the past. Note: I have yet to take the GRE Any advice greatly appreciated!
  18. Thanks, appreciate the feedback! Will definitely be taking the GRE so I have options if nothing comes of applying to the non gre programs.
  19. Hi all, Trying to decide if it’s worth applying to schools that only require up to microbiology (no gre, no genetics, no extra math, behavioral sciences etc) after I finish next semester. Everything’s on track it’s just my undergrad gpa of 2.88 that makes me nervous and pulls down the cumulative so i’ve been very careful with my grades post bacc. The question really is if it’s worth waiting to be above and beyond the minimum prerequisites. At this point i’m about here: cGPA: 3.08 Pre-req GPA: 3.8 sGPA: 4.0 PCE: 1,300 EMT Hospital Volunteer : 100 Research: 1000+ LOR: 1) research mentor/bio prof. 2) NP/head of volunteer program 3) PA Hate to add to the pile of “what are the chances” posts but hey
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