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  1. I interviewed same date (nearly 3 weeks ago), haven’t heard anything yet but hopefully we will soon! Anyone else?
  2. Congrats! I was accepted as well, can’t wait to meet everyone. Excited, to say the least!
  3. I think they’re not explicitly rolling or not rolling, seems like they start interviews before the deadline but keep considering applicants through and beyond the deadline as though not rolling. Not 100% sure
  4. In all the excitement I completely forgot to figure out who you guys were at the interview! Best of luck and hoping it all went well for you! To any one else interviewing, having the whole day for multiple interviews and activities, I felt, took a little edge/anxiety off. They were very personable and made all of us feel at ease and comfortable being ourselves.
  5. Hmm, I’d guess they’re going to send the confirmation email a little closer to the interview date. I believe they really just lay out exactly where to go, to wear interview attire, and to bring the $75 application fee. But my guess is the email is coming a little closer to the interview date as a “reminder.”
  6. Awesome did you set up a date yet? I went with 10/23.
  7. Received an interview invite today with details of the specific date to come in the next two weeks. Anyone else get this email? Very excited!
  8. I received the email confirmation today as well. I was verified 8/21
  9. I submitted in August and received a confirmation e-mail from York on 9/9.
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