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  1. Hmm, I’d guess they’re going to send the confirmation email a little closer to the interview date. I believe they really just lay out exactly where to go, to wear interview attire, and to bring the $75 application fee. But my guess is the email is coming a little closer to the interview date as a “reminder.”
  2. Hey! I got an invite and picked 10/18, are you interviewing as well?
  3. Awesome did you set up a date yet? I went with 10/23.
  4. Received an interview invite today with details of the specific date to come in the next two weeks. Anyone else get this email? Very excited!
  5. I received the email confirmation today as well. I was verified 8/21
  6. I submitted in August and received a confirmation e-mail from York on 9/9.
  7. Hello everyone, Submitted: 8/19 Verified: 8/21 Has anyone else applied lately?
  8. Hello all, maybe a little early, but thought I’d it start off!
  9. Hello all! Submitted: 8/19 Verified: 8/21 Confirmation from York: 9/9
  10. Didn’t see a post for Pleasantville applicants so thought I’d start it off! Has anyone heard from the program lately?
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