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  1. I liked Picmonic for remembering drug names. I also made and used flashcard. We had a great prof who created excel docs w/ columns sorted by MOA. I would find a way to group similar drugs, whether that's an excel doc or another type of format.
  2. Nothing is a sure thing. If you declined your acceptance, would you be OK with your decision if you not get in elsewhere next year?
  3. How many of your PCE hours were as a scribe vs MA? Some schools do not consider scribing to be PCE. Just something to consider. If you applied selectively to schools that consider scribing PCE this shouldn't be a concern. You have a solid number of hours and sounds like good LORs. If you have to reapply next cycle, maybe have someone look over your personal statement or use a hired service (just to ensure it is the strongest it can be). You still may hear back this cycle, though, so stay positive! Best of luck!
  4. I have no inside information on acceptances... Just congratulating those who have heard back
  5. Congratulations to those who have been accepted! The UNC PA Student Society is hosting a blood drive on Friday, October 11, 2019 from 10:30am-2:30pm in celebration of PA week! Lots of current students will be present, so this is a great opportunity to talk to current students while helping the community! The blood drive will be held on UNC campus at the ATM Lot located on the corner of Lenoir Dr and Raleigh St right next to Davis Library. If you are interested in participating, you can sign up here: https://donate.thebloodconnection.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/135754?fbclid=IwAR1iUH5zo4RcN2ZTjOeIXKPW9QfCoo9YiLQ8bgD4zinPasvjt5K4wLRYQQo For every 25 donors, a $50 Amazon gift card will be raffled!
  6. Sometimes, if you are too rehearsed, it comes off as not being genuine. Try to have ideas for answers, but do not necessarily know answers word-for-word. Hope this helps!
  7. Black or gray trousers and a nice blouse/shirt. Occasionally khakis. A lot of the girls in my class wear dresses. I bought most online at Macy’s and JC Penney’s during sales.
  8. I would wait for 3rd edition. If you want to study now, I’d brush up on anatomy and physiology, as well as immunology. Once you start classes you’ll have the new edition and you can use it while studying for ClinMed exams because it has a lot of the material in a condensed format so you can make sure you know the key testable points.
  9. I agree with car troubles. Also consider vet bills if you have animals. I also eat out more than anticipated (even if just hospital food) because I stay late studying or am too tired to prepare food for the next day.
  10. Is the tuition price the same or different? Location better or worse? Which program had a better “feel”? I chose a newer program (provisionally accredited), and I believe we are the 3rd class to go through the program. There will always a bit of a “learning curve” with new programs as they choose professors, rotations, etc. However, I’m very happy with my choice. The program started in January (vs Fall), and the faculty are very invested in the program, and I feel that I am getting a good education.
  11. UNC Minimum cumulative GPA (all courses taken at all levels) or last 60 credit hours > 3.0 Minimum cumulative prerequisite GPA > 3.2 https://www.med.unc.edu/ahs/unc-pa/admissions/
  12. Pance Prep Pearls is great. I use Smarty Pance when I don't want to lug the Pearls book around. I like Picmonic for pharm. OnlineMedEd videos (free) are helpful, and if you can get a program (Kaplan, Rosh Review, Exam Master) with vignette style Pance questions, I would recommend it (first check with your program to see if any are purchased for your class).
  13. I believe South College - Richmond has access to a cadaver lab. Not sure about the others, though.
  14. I did not apply until around July 5th and almost all schools to which I applied were rolling admissions. I received many interview invitations and several acceptances, so do not lose hope!! It is worth a try. Otherwise, you will have to wait until next year and wonder "what if." Good luck!
  15. I graduated the same year you did, and I only applied to schools that did not have an expiration date on prerequisites. I applied to 10 schools and got accepted to my top two choices, so it is definitely possible! It varies from school to school, so just do your research before applying. Good luck!
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