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  1. I did not apply until around July 5th and almost all schools to which I applied were rolling admissions. I received many interview invitations and several acceptances, so do not lose hope!! It is worth a try. Otherwise, you will have to wait until next year and wonder "what if." Good luck!
  2. To me, a soccer coach is different than a family friend. A soccer coach can attest to your work ethic and how you work with others from a less biased standpoint. I think a family friend could be fine, but probably not the strongest choice.
  3. I did not get any LORs from PAs. I got 2 from MDs I worked with and 1 from my supervisor. If a LOR from a PA isn’t required where you’re applying, I would recommend getting LORs from those who’ve worked with you, assuming they would write a solid letter.
  4. I graduated the same year you did, and I only applied to schools that did not have an expiration date on prerequisites. I applied to 10 schools and got accepted to my top two choices, so it is definitely possible! It varies from school to school, so just do your research before applying. Good luck!
  5. I took my GRE at the end of June last year and submitted my application at the beginning of July. I do not feel it was too late, and I was still invited to several of the first interview sessions at various schools. You should be just fine! Good luck!
  6. I had 2 years of PCE, 2 years of HCE, and a science degree and I received many interview invites and acceptances so you should be fine. Don’t stress about it too much. Just apply broadly and stay positive
  7. I agree. I vote to submit at the 2000 mark. Your app will still be in early.
  8. Private schools aren’t mandated to accept a certain number of in-state students so that may be your best bet. Like others said, check the websites for programs you’re interested in as well.
  9. I really liked Magoosh’s online subscription. I studied a month and a half, and used their program almost exclusively. I also did use the free GRE practice tests you get when you sign up for your exam.
  10. I had two letters from MDs and one from my supervisor. I did not have any letters from PAs. If you think your other contacts know you better and write you a stronger letter, I would stick with those.
  11. Personally, I wish I would have gone back to school sooner. It’s harder to get back into the swing of things after working and being out in the “real world.” Then again, you may enjoy the break if you’re already feeling burnt out. PA school is a lot more difficult than undergrad, mostly because of the pace and sheer volume. However, If you don’t take this, and you don’t get in next cycle, would you be upset for turning down the opportunity? How did you like the program when you interviewed?
  12. I think you should retake and try to get over 300. Most schools require a minimum of 300, so you will automatically get screened out of consideration from those schools. Magoosh was an awesome tool for GRE preparation.
  13. Last cycle, I applied in early July and did not have any issues, but it’s probably wise to submit in May or June, if possible.
  14. I have a dog. I don’t have a ton of extra time to spend with her, but my husband helps, and she is low energy. If you do get a rescue dog, a low energy senior dog may be a good choice because I’m sure they would appreciate having a good home and they also like to sleep a lot and don’t require as many walks etc I’m a big advocate for senior dogs- they have a lot to offer and a lot of people bypass them!
  15. Yes, you have a good shot, so definitely apply! Also- as mentioned above, make sure scribing experience is accepted at schools to which you are applying. Good luck!
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