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  1. Most people recommend taking a break and enjoying yourself. While this is true, it can’t hurt to brush up on anatomy and physiology, especially if you haven’t taken these courses in awhile. I’d definitely focus on cardiology, but also recommend reviewing the other systems. First part of first semester, we had a condensed, fast-paced physiology course. I hadn’t taken physiology in almost 10 years and worked in a sub-speciality, so I had to spend a bit more time studying than classmates who’d taken it more recently. Brushing up on(or learning the basics of) EKGs would also be helpful.
  2. I still think it’s unnecessay to retake it. Your score is competitive, and you surpass the minimum requirement, so schools likely won’t care when you took it as long as it was within 5 years. Save your time and money for CASPA and supplemental applications
  3. If it was me, I would retake. Most schools wants minimum 150 per section or 50th percentile per section. You have other good stats, but if you don’t meet a school’s GRE requirements, your application will likely get screened out. What resources did you use? I found Magoosh to be very helpful.
  4. It depends on what the position entails and how much patient contact you would have in your role. Some clinical research coordinators work heavily with patien S (which was the case in my role), and others handle more regulatory items. I worked as a clinical research coordinator for 2 years and had a LOT of hands-on patient care with patients receiving investigational medications. I was present at all visits, including infusions. I gained a lot of very valuable knowledge and patient exposure that I feel will be helpful as a PA. I coded my hours as 30 hours PCE a week and 10/week research in CASPA. I received multiple acceptances. This was my only PCE role at time of application, though I did have 2 years of HCE.
  5. After interviews, I sent e-mails to all of my interviewers. I sent them within 24 hours of the interview. If you do not have a particular contact, you could e-mail the admin staff and they may be able to assist you.
  6. Thanks so much! Messaged my stats
  7. I had been out of school for over 8 years and studied 1 to 1.5 mo. I solely used the Magoosh online subscription and would highly recommend it.
  8. Thank you all for your input! I chose UNC
  9. Sorry I skipped right by the middle option So I was referring to UTRGV as #2. I’m sorry to say I don’t know a ton about MUSC. I think cost is important though, along with location. Where do you want to live after graduation? It would be helpful to build relationships where you’d like to practice so that’s something to consider. Also- how long UTRGV and when do the programs for each start? Shorter program and/or earlier start = earning higher salary sooner = bigger “price” difference than just tuition considerations. So UF, though more $ in tuition, would end sooner, thus could possibly be considered similar in price to MUSC. You need to weigh if the first two choices are much better than the last and if worth the price difference to you. If you don’t think #3 will give you a solid education and experience, I would rule it out.
  10. This is a hard one. Will you be happy at school 2? If yes, definitely consider it. Almost 1/3 the cost of UF (yikes)! A lot of new programs start with lower first time PANCE rate and increase as they grow and change methods. I was accepted at Duke (ranked #1) and UNC (new program, unranked) and chose UNC mostly due to “feel”. Loved the faculty, interview experience, etc... AND it is $40k less in tuition. However, it IS associated with a hospital (unlike your choice #2). I felt like I would receive a quality education at UNC and it would become a strong program. Do you feel like you’d be getting a good education and experience at #2? If no, #1 may be worth the extra cost.
  11. Great advice!! For me, location also played a major role (due to family). Even if you aren’t married or have children, often times, it’s nice to have a support system in the vicinity.
  12. Thank you all for the input! I got a good deal on eBay for the Welch Allyn with the metal plug-in handle and standard opthalmoscope and otoscope (student was selling it, around $220 shipped!). Good to know on the PanOptic- I can always buy the head at a later time if I end up needing it!
  13. I interviewed with two faculty members and it was mostly Q&A, with not a lot of room to elaborate outside of the questions. I don’t feel like they really got to know me or my personality when compared to other interviews I’ve had. However, this could also vary depending on who interviews you.
  14. Thanks! I found a nice, gently used Welch Allyn on eBay (half price of new) and went with that!
  15. Thanks! Our program sent us a link to go ahead and purchase so I don’t think bulk buying will be the case, unfortunately.
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