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  1. I received an email this morning saying my application has been accepted and is in the process of review. Good luck everyone!
  2. I emailed the admissions coordinator and she said interviews begin in mid June and emails/calls for interviews are sent out 2-3 weeks before the interview date.
  3. I applied to the Nashville campus. Waiting on GRE scores but was verified on 5/17. They emailed me saying my application will be reviewed when they receive the GRE.
  4. November 2021* excuse me. 27th month program
  5. I think Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies with an expected graduation date of August 2021
  6. I also received this email. I figured the background check was only for people potentially getting interviews. But with this being a new program I'm not entirely sure.
  7. I applied back in May and CASPA has been verified. The website says interviews are tentatively schedule starting October 8th and going into November.
  8. I submitted on the 18th, got an email on the 24th from South, but never heard anything about CASper or an interview.
  9. I haven’t even gotten a request to take the CASPer test and I submitted and verified May 18th. But good luck to everyone getting interviews so far!
  10. I haven’t heard about this either, South University Tampa sent you a link to this?
  11. Not sure. I checked last years forum and it looked like they started sending out interviews around this time. Fingers crossed for everyone, I hope you get an interview!
  12. My stats are similar to yours and it's my first time applying. I think you should definitely apply! I feel the same way about my applications and its very nerve racking. I submitted two of mine last week it has been verified and under review for South University.
  13. Hi Everyone, I noticed there was no thread for this yet so I thought I would get it started. Good luck!
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