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  1. I got an email from them around 10 am this morning. Was very surprised by the turn-around time. Anyone else who's accepted and joining us in January PM me your number, let's start a GroupMe
  2. Hey everyone! I was just accepted from yesterday’s (8/17) interview. Looking forward to meeting you all in January!
  3. Hey! would you mind posting some of the information you learn in the forum? I wasn't able to secure a seat for the session tomorrow and would love to know how the accreditation and interview process is coming along.
  4. Awesome great to hear. I have faith they will receive provisional accreditation. Hoping I get an interview with everyone else in here!
  5. I will also be interviewing from out of state on Monday August 17th. Good luck everyone!
  6. I received an email from Drew that my application is basically complete and verified and is being reviewed by the PA committee. I imagine next week they will start the next round of invites. There’s 16 spots left if I recall the phone call with him correctly.
  7. I also got this email. I wonder how many people applied this cycle and last.
  8. I had a phone call last night with the admissions coordinator. We went over my application and he talked about the program, it was very helpful. He said the next round of interviews will be the end of July/Early August most likely. The first class that starts in January will have 32 students pending accreditation in late September.
  9. I submitted: CASPA 5/27. Supplemental 6/17. Needed to have an additional evaluation which submitted 6/21. I'm hoping to hear back soon about potential interviews. Does anyone know if they are virtual this year?
  10. I emailed the admissions coordinator and apparently they are very behind on application reviews this cycle. She said it will be at least two weeks until decisions are made.
  11. Wow that is very surprising based on your stats. You seem like a very high level candidate in my opinion. I hope you get some interviews to other programs and accepted to a program.
  12. I was verified 5/26 and received an e-mail 5/27 from Albany saying my application is being reviewed by two admissions committee members. Said it could take 7-14 business days to process and make a decision regarding an interview. Good luck everyone!
  13. Hey thanks for starting the thread. It looks like they started interviewing really early last year, I wonder if it will be the same with COVID limiting face to face time.
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