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  1. As the title states, has anyone used V.A. Voc Rehab to get into PA school, and did it help your chances getting in? I know there are other factors like GPA etc, just curious. Thank you.
  2. Well, if tattoos are a disqualifying factor I am in a boat load of trouble (in my pre reqs at the moment). I have a rams face on my left hand and a sleeve on the same arm, including a full chest tat. This will not hinder my goal of becoming a PA. If a school disqualifies me based on my non-offensive tattoos, I don't want to be there. More power to you my tattooed brothers and sisters.
  3. For the last 2 months I have searched for a PA to shadow. I went to a hospital by my home, walked into the ER and spoke with a wonderful DO. She passed my info up, got an email with paper work that needed filling out then I see that it says I need a PA to sign it. I searched around the different departments: No P.A. in sight. I spoke to my ARNP who is my PCP, she wanted me to shadow her, problem is I can't due to me being a patient at that clinic (St. Petes). She tried to pull strings, that didn't work. The education directer of Providence (St. Petes) said I could shadow at the hospital but I would have to find a PA who would let me, next stop: Providence hospital. I Went to Providence Hospital (Olympia,WA) went to many departments, no P.A. in sight, and most of the RNs' had no clue where I could find one in the hospital. I then made my way to the ER, I was greeted by a male RN who had an enormous chip on his shoulder, he refused to let me speak to a PA or anyone and refused to take my information to pass on, now I understand that I am a low priority and no one owes me anything but this guy was a complete jerk the whole time, he finished with "we don't allow anyone off the street to shadow, you have to know a PA." I followed with "Thank you for your time sir." I then went to a medical plaza across from the hospital. I had some luck at a Gastroenterology office, I was given a card to a lady who coordinates shadowing opportunities. I sent here an email then I got an email back basically saying: You have to know a PA. I went to a neurosurgery (they had 4 PA) office, passed my info to the front desk one month ago, no response. Next, I drove 15 miles down the road to a clinic, no P.A.s' work there. I asked my employer (D.D.S.) if he knew any P.A.s', negative. I left a post on shadowing opportunities, one snag but located over 2 hours away (may be my best bet at the moment, if hes' still is interested on helping someone he doesn't know). I'm not in a rush at the moment I am still doing pre-reqs so I do have time but I'm starting to see a trend: 1. You have to know someone to get a shadow 2. PA are not so common in my area (Olympia,WA)
  4. So I ran into a hiccup. I am now adding my quarter hours and grades into the calculator, but I don't see quality points anywhere on my transcripts, how would I find out the amount of quality points for each class based off of grade and credit hours. Thank you
  5. Never mind, I figured it out just by looking at the document. Ding dong!
  6. Hello, I was wondering how I would go about adding quarter credits and grades into my B.A. semester credits using the GPA DOC John provided. Thank you.
  7. Wow! That is very far, I had never heard of Anacortes until now. I appreciate the helping hand but I was hoping for something not past Seattle. Thank you again JMJ11!
  8. Good afternoon! My Name is Ronnie and I am looking for a generous PA to let me shadow them. A little about myself: - Male 30yrs old, medically retired from the Marine Corps (Infantry), I work as a Dental assistant. I will be starting my pre reqs in the summer. I greatly appreciate your time!
  9. Are you serious? LOL! I wish it was that simple. I am a Blue Belt under Robert Owens (BJJ Olympia,WA). Lineage is: Rickson Gracie- Marcelo Alonso- Robert owens. I'm guessing you roll? Any way, I start my pre-reqs in the a month, hoping to get my GPA where it needs to be by next summer. Peace.
  10. I appreciate the feedback, I spoke to a academic adviser at my former school and my cumulative from both my B.A. and A.A.S. was 2.6 gpa. I plan on taking my pre reqs while obtaining more HCE & PCE hours along with shadowing. I know I have a great story, I am showing upwards trends in grades and GPA. If I do great in my pre reqs and I have all my other bases covered (LOR, HCE, etc) then I will still apply with a 2.8 -2.9, I know about rejection, I will just be persistent.
  11. Greetings, my name is Ron (30 yrs old) and I am an aspiring PA. I'll give you a little background about myself: I got medically retired from the Marine Corps in 2012 (5 years of service) and went straight into college (Brandman University.) I acquired a B.A. in Organizational Leadership with a 2.5 GPA, I had no direction, was in a dark place and didn't know what I wanted to do in life. After trying to land a HR career, I decided that I needed something at that moment to allow me to earn some income, so I went to my local community college and obtained a A.A.S. in Dental Assisting (graduated Aug 2017), I received a 2.8 GPA in that degree. Half way through the year long program I came to the realization that I really disliked the Dental field besides the interpersonal relations I had with patients, which I absolutely loved. I have around 600 hours of PCE & HCE. Around June 2017 I found out about what a PA is, I had a nasty MRSA infection on my hand from Brazilian Jiujitsu for which a PA treated me (wasn't the best but he was practicing medicine.) When I got better I looked into the profession and was mesmerized for some reason, its the only thing that I obsess about besides Jiu Jitsu. I am planning on taking my pre reqs in the summer at my community college. The problem is my GPA's for both degrees, it really brings me down and I wish I could redo everything again, but I reaped what I sowed. I am determined to reap good fruit from my persistence. What should I do to raise my GPA? If I got let's say a 3.5 or 4.0 in my science pre reqs, would that be sufficient for a cumulative on CASPA? Please lead me to water, I'm a horse thirsting for knowledge. Thank you for your time.
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