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  1. Those who did it says "def worth it" Those who never did one would say "not worth it"
  2. It's a tough place for new grads in NJ. NYC is a dime a dozen. Hence more new grads in NYC and lower pay I suppose. Same with Philly. COVID placed a hiring freeze on every company out there. Hard to negotiate during these times.
  3. Nope. You still have to pay full price. It'll shave off the time you have to submit paper work though.
  4. Yeah, most people are moving out of NYC to jersey, Connecticut and PA. PA as a state is notoriously lower than NYC as well. Can't win. I know new grads would be happy with anything above 90k, wayyyy under the market though.
  5. They are def hiring. Might not be the best of times to find a new job tho. New grads will suffer tremendously.
  6. Graduated as well from DMSc. Agree with workload being appropriate. Lot of reading/writing and posting on the message board. Expect 10-15 hours of work per week I'd say.
  7. For such a high cost of living place, i'm actually quite surprised. I guess as long as new grads or people take it, they'll continue with this..
  8. The worst part of this is when she said its not negotiable despite having years of experience in that specific field of surgery. According to them, they go by a scale. I can't imagine what a new grad PA would make over there.
  9. Why would anyone work at NYP in NYC? Was offered a nonnegotiable job at NYP 30K lower than my current job despite having 10+ years of experience in Surgery.
  10. What is the salary like at NYP? I would imagine low since PAs are so saturated in NYC.
  11. Got my DMSc degree. In the process of starting my MBA adventure. Need to know a lot of people/connection or luck to get into a high administration/directorial job.
  12. I disagree with the paycut. You can make a great living in critical care ie: neuro critical care, ct surgery critical care and etc. However, 5 hours of drive may seem a bit tooo much even if its weekly. Max really should be two hours...
  13. YES! CT Surgery with experience. 36 hours per week, full time with benefits.
  14. Bit low on PTO time but do able. 3-5% raise is almost unheard of in our area nowadays.
  15. Hourly, Cardiothoracic Surgery. Clock in and clock out. Best way, as you're not taking advantage of.
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