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  1. I'm wondering what percentage of applicants on the alternate list from previous years received an offer later on...
  2. I also got an interview invite for Oct. 19!! (Verified 7/18) So excited =D Will you be there for the social the night before?
  3. The seat deposit is $1000, but if you withdraw you get $500 back, which is considerate of them because I've heard a lot of other programs don't refund anything back once you pay the deposit. They give you 2 weeks to make your decision after you receive your letter/e-mail from them.
  4. Got an invite this past Friday to interview. Anyone else attending the October 23 interview session?
  5. I was accepted from the Sept. 10 afternoon interview session. My first choice was Harrisburg and my second was Lock Haven. When I replied back with my choices though, they mentioned that both those campuses were currently full. So I am on the waitlist for both those two locations, but am currently placed in Coudersport. The idea of taking courses during the didactic year at a hospital is appealing to me, anyone else out there placed in the Coudersport campus?
  6. Congrats!! Me too!! Were you at the morning interview or afternoon?
  7. Who else is staying at the Best Western at Lock Haven the night before the Sept. 10 interview? If anyone wants to meet up that evening feel free to message me!
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